A Gold-Infused Anti-Ageing Face Oil Has Launched In Dubai

Because 24 Karat skincare is a thing
A Gold-Infused Anti-Ageing Face Oil Has Launched In Dubai

It's time update our bathroom shelfies - and a brand-new, magical little black bottle is here to do just that. 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir has made its way to the the UAE and it's the most extra product we've seen since Dubai rolled out the world’s most expensive perfume (Shumukh holds the Guinness World Record for Most Diamonds set on a perfume bottle, in case you'd forgotten).

Founded by Mehrunisa Shahid, 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir is an anti-ageing serum infused with gold and other natural ingredients to brighten, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Yep, this miraculous blend of essential oils - that comes enclosed in a sleek black bottle - is the luxe skincare product you need to treat your skin to. It works by:

  • minimising the appearance of wrinkles
  • helping to fade blemishes
  • lightening the skin

24 Karat elixir

Even better, it's a totally versatile product that's suitable for day and night use.

Night: Dab the oil onto your skin before you get some shut eye, and as you (beauty) sleep, the elixir will work to give you an opulent glow and radiant complexion. 

Day: Unlike other oils, 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir boasts natural sunblock, due to its ability to seal in moisture through creating effective barriers against harmful external elements. So, yeah, it's the perfect addition to your morning skincare regime. Plus, it's super lightweight so allows the skin to breathe throughout the day. 

Now, let's talk about the gold. You might be wondering how gold is beneficial in skincare. Well, here's a fun fact: gold was wildly popular in Roman times as a treatment for several skin problems. Also, Egyptian beauty Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to keep her skin looking youthful and beautiful. I mean, if gold was good enough for a queen, it's good enough for us. 

The pure 24 Karat Gold flakes in this oil will boost the collagen production and will leave your skin with that natural radiance. 

The luxe oil is priced at Dhs220. If you've been convinced of the absolute need to add this magic 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir to your beauty bag, you can buy your very own bottle online from their Instagram page or their website. It will soon be available on Noon as well. 

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