You Need To Visit These DXB Venues Promoting Sustainability

Happy Earth Day!
You Need To Visit These DXB Venues Promoting Sustainability

Going green is showing no signs of slowing down, and good job too. From the #TrashTag challenge that went viral on Instagram to encouraging the use of paper and metal straws instead of plastic ones, the effort to keep our environments alive and well is fully underway *cough FINALLY*.

One extremely passionate person isn't going to save the world - it takes all of us doing a little bit to make a big difference - like using a resuable cup for your morning coffee. 

Sustainability is a concept that the UAE has been trying to strongly implement, and here are a few of our fave achievements made around Dubai to raise awareness for sustainability:

1. Costa Coffee

Costa is providing their customers with a discount each time they come in with a reusable cup. Very available for this. 

2. La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison’s branches in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have revealed they have ditched plastic straws and have taken on eco-friendly alternatives made from natural fibre. We're glad to hear it. 

3. Green Cup UAE

Okay, so this isn't a venue, but this initiative was created by a super-cool group of DXB-based university students for one of their classes and we just have to shout about it. The group had to come up with a sustainable product or service, and ‘ Green Cup’ was born. The concept? For every “x” amount of cups that you bring back to the shop to recycle, you’ll get a free cup of coffee. It’s a win-win situation”. Can this be a thing  already? 

Keep up the good work Dubs. 

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