Everything You Need To Know About Snapchat's New Check-In Feature

It will allow us to stalk more accurately (in a socially acceptable way ofc)
Everything You Need To Know About Snapchat's New Check-In Feature

Did you think Snapchat could get any better, what with its countless addicting face filters, lenses and Bitmojis so adorable, you could just eat up? Well the social media app just raised the app. 

Snapchat has started testing out a feature that'll allow you to check into places so that while you’re out and about, your friends can see what you’re up to. It’s all part of their new ‘Status’ feature in Snap Maps. This means that you'll be able to share your Bitmoji on Snap Maps depicting what you're up to, wherever you're at. Fun. 

With this new feature you can select an action for your mini me (Bitmoji) like playing video games, watching TV, drinking coffee and so on, to mimic what you're doing irl. You can then ask friends to join you, because merely just texting them that is boring. 



Even better, your Bitmoji will have its own passport within the feature, and Snapchat will store a list of all the places you've visited. 

Currently this feature is still in the works and is in the testing stages, so it's only available to a select few users in Australia. 

How To Use It

If the feature rolls out worldwide, it'll appear in the bottom left hand corner when you open Snap Maps. Once you've done that you can enter your location by selecting an option from a list of places you've already visited, or you can type in your location. 

Then, you'll be presented with a list of Bitmoji actions corresponding to where you are, for example if you're at a park, your Bitmoji could be playing frisbee or if you're at a café, your Bitmoji would be drinking a coffee. 

Once you've selected your location and your Bitmoji action, it'll show up on Snap Maps as your 'Status' so, your really bored friends can spy on you more accurately. Don't lie, we've all found ourselves on Snap Maps a couple of times, just randomly peaking at where everyone on our Snapchat list is. It's a guilty pleasure, as much as we hate to admit. 


Your 'Status' will last until you leave the location, and you can also delete it.

Similar to Snap Maps, you can choose to share your location with all your friends, a select few, or activate Ghost Mode, where no one can see where you are.

Hopefully, this new feature rolls out soon. Get on it, Snapchat! 

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