Umm, The Jonas Brothers Might Be Reuniting And I Am Not OK

You might need to ‘Hold On’ to your seats
Umm, The Jonas Brothers Might Be Reuniting And I Am Not OK

Yes, you read correctly. The Jonas Brothers (AKA the band of brothers who literally made our childhoods) might be reuniting nearly six years after their split to lead solo careers.

According to US Weekly, there was a rumour that the trio are planning an “epic reunion”, and even rebranding to ‘JONAS’. True fans will know that JONAS was also the name of their hit TV Show on the Disney Channel.

Now, nothing has been officially confirmed by any of the Jo Bros but, Nick has liked a couple of tweets mentioning the reunion. Do we have you on record confirming that the rumours are true, Nick? Because, if so, please excuse me while I faint.


Okay, I'm done being dramatic. But it's safe to say the internet isn't: 

On the off chance that the rumours are false, fans (me) will not be ok:

And if the rumours are true, I dedicate this tweet to all the fake friends who mocked me when I did nothing but hope for the day the Jo Bros reunited. This one's for you:

Watch this space for further updates on all things Jo Bro related as I guarantee you I'll be watching their social media accounts like a hawk, awaiting anything remotely close to a confirmation on the reunion. Stay tuned and, until that highly anticipated day arrives, let's play this song on repeat, shall we? 

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