Having A Bad Day? These Memes Inspired By Netflix's "Bird Box" Are Here To Help

Prepare to ugly laugh...
Having A Bad Day? These Memes Inspired By Netflix's "Bird Box" Are Here To Help

There are three things I love in this world; horror movies, memes and pancakes. I love my family too, but those are the three things that I will always love. The latest horror flick to grab my attention, Netflix's Original movie, “Bird Box”” (to be honest, it had my attention the moment I found out that my girl Sandy B was in it).

If you haven’t seen it (I can see those who are laughing in irony, now), please do so. And then, come back to this article so, we can enjoy memes together.

Speaking of memes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single movie inspire as many as “Bird Box” has. My Instagram is flooded with them and, for once, I’m not complaining.

Because I like to share and because I care about you, I have decided to share some of my favourites.

Please enjoy them and know that we are now friends. Sorry, no backsies.

Let’s the LOL process begin….

I would react the same, tbh. 


Can you imagine? 

This made me ugly laugh, big time. 

Same girl, same. 

Some kids just don't listen.

Sounds so beautiful... 

Just as painful. 

Pretty much. 

And, you know your mum would do it. 

Feel free to share the laughter inducing goodness, also send any other hilar memes to Cosmomiddleeast if there are any that I may have left out…

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