David Beckham Teases Son Brooklyn About ‘Bunking Off School’

'You should be at school' - David Beckham hilariously calls son out during a Facebook Live session
David Beckham Teases Son Brooklyn About ‘Bunking Off School’
By Farah Andrews -

It seems that even if your dad is as cool as David Beckham, you're not immune from a public talking to, which in 17-year-old Brooklyn's case, happened to take place in front of 10.8k people yesterday. 

The teen - who is a budding photographer - was holding a Facebook Live session, when fans noticed his dad pop up, saying, "U should be at school". And by the looks of the logo behind him, he was in a Pizza Express, and definitely not at school! 


And it didn't stop there, the father-of-four then noticed something else about the photo, in the form of some petty theft, and quipped, "That’s my shirt". 

And that's not where the fatherly ribbing ended, Brooklyn posted a picture of himself earlier on in the day, out and about in London, and David commented saying, "Nice shirt bust where did u get that from ???" - Buster is the former footballer's nickname for his eldest son. 

/////Foggy day\\\\\

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