This Piece Of Tech Is Going To Change The Way You Take Selfies

Get ready to smize
This Piece Of Tech Is Going To Change The Way You Take Selfies

I’m not proud of this but we live in an age where if something is not documented, it didn’t happen. Now, by document, I don’t mean with a pen and paper more, if you don’t post it online, no one and I mean, NO ONE will believe it happened.

Sad but true. Living in the present is great but apparently, we have to prove that we are living in the moment by taking a break from it, to put up a cute selfie that has to be accompanied by an equally attention seeking *coughs*, sorry, meaningful caption.

Now, while I may cringe at the sight of people taking selfies and making gorgeous duck faces, I do like technology. And, while scanning the beloved interweb for the latest gizmos and gadgets, I “gracefully” stumbled across selfie drones.

That’s right, selfie drones.

While I’d love to hate them, they are actually quite cool. Some even have the ability to recognise hand gestures and body movement. And, almost all of them are pocket sized and capable of taking HD photos and videos.

So, if you’re one of the unlucky selfie takers, whose family members and friends no longer love you enough to take a million pictures of you pouting or smizing, these are the babies that you need in your life.

1. DJI Spark Selfie Drone

This little guy is currently dominating the dronie (aww) market due to its ability to recognise hand gestures and movements. You know, so it doesn’t look like you taking a picture of yourself but more like your friend is skilled enough to climb an imaginary tower or lamp post to take a meaning photo of you holding a cup of coffee, whilst looking deep in thought. The video quality is pretty good too. And, get this, you can launch the drone from the palm of your hand and have it land there too.

Price: Dhs2,399, Virgin Megastore

2. Eachine E57 WiFi FPV Selfie Drone

While its name could be sexier, this drone is loved for its size and ability to shoot in HD. Just look at it? Too cute. I want three. They will be my babies. I will treat them to fun days out in the desert and not use them to take photos of myself.

Price: Dhs158,

3. Feima Robotics J.ME

Selfie Drones - Feima Robotics J.ME

It’s equipped with a "Follow Me" function that literally does just that. As a fan of cartoons like Big Hero 6, Next Gen and The Iron Giant, I think that this is incredibly cute. Scary, yes but, cute.

Price: Dhs1,712,

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