Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's Feud. Sister War Or Another Publicity Stunt?

We're super confused
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's Feud. Sister War Or Another Publicity Stunt?
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Will there ever be a day where we don’t wake up to the Kardashians blowing up the news headlines? Highly doubt it. Today was no different. Things got really heated up during the premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on August 5. Kourtney and Kim got into an ugly fight over a photoshoot for their annual Christmas Card, and it was out-of-control horrific.

Harsh words were thrown around, tears were shed (mainly Kourtney’s) and Kim stated that Kourtney was the “least exciting (sister) to look at." Yeah, I know, and you thought your family arguments were bad. All hell broke loose when Kourtney decided to be difficult about making time for the Christmas card photoshoot, pinning it all on how motherhood is her number one priority. Obviously none of the other sisters have children, so we see why it was a big issue for her…

Now, it’s kinda common knowledge that the girls don’t always get along, but the fact that their current 'feud' conveniently happened just when KUWTK premiered, seems pretty fishy. And the crazy Twitter feed seemed like a huge, staged PR stunt. We wouldn't put the Kardashians past anything when it comes to getting the right kind of publicity. They're infamous for pulling moves like this all the time. Remember when Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram account was “hacked"? By none other than Momager herself, Kris Jenner, announcing her makeup collection that dropped on Mother's Day.

Hey guys.. it’s me! and oh, my collection drops on Mother’s Day.

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Whatever the truth may be, Kim and Kourtney have never really gotten along and their love/hate relationship has gotten the show a fair share of PR. We don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but Kourtney seems to enjoy getting under her younger sister’s skin. Here are some other instances where the two just haven’t been eye-to-eye:

1. When Kourtney refused to be in Kim's video game

Kourtney clearly didn't want to be played by Kim, especially not in her video game. 

Never forget

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2. When Kourtney ever-so-kindly described Kim's crying face

Kourtney has always been the shoulder Kim can cry on, or not.

3. When Kim committed Grand Theft Doggo on Kourtney's pup

Both sisters bought puppies for their kids, but Kim drew the short end of the stick and got stuck with the noisy one. So she attempted the old switcheroo. 

4. When Kourtney gave Kim a reality lesson

Kourtney reminds Kim of her materialistic ways, in her elder sister/loving/nurturing kind of way. 

Stress level: Kim Kardashian loosing her diamond earrings in the ocean

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5. When Kim shaded Kourtney's career

Kim's got KKW Beauty, Khloe's got Good American and Kourtney's got...?

Kim and Khloe talking about Kourt

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At the End of the day guys, these girls are “ride or die”. They always make up.

But we know this isn't the last we've heard of a Kardashian showdown. Watch this space for your daily Kardashian-Jenner fix!