Here's what it's really like to be on Love is Blind

Westley Baer, from one of the unseen engagements, tells Cosmo all
Here's what it's really like to be on Love is Blind

If you thought we were over Love is Blind, you're (completely, utterly and totally) wrong.

Although the infamous reality TV dating show aired just a month ago, and just completed it's last season with a reunion on Netflix, nothing could make us get over it. From the fights and drama to the pretty wedding dresses and tears that followed thereafter, this show had us HOOKED.

But just when we thought you'd binged it all, we found out there were two couples on the show whose stories never aired, one of which was Westley Baer, who got engaged to Lexie Skipper. If you watch it back, the couple did have a few cameos in the first episode (you may remember Westley as the "short guy" after he admitted to being dumped once because of his height).

WELL, if you were ever wondering what his real story is, we've got it. Yup, that's right. Cosmo ME slid into Westley's DMs to ask him a wholeee bunch o' questions about what life was really life inside the pods... 

Press play on our IGTV video with him: 

Cosmo: "Tell us more about your engagement..."

Westley: "So, my engagement was very special to me. That day was something I’ll always remember. You know, being able to be vulnerable and open on this show and find someone that I felt like I could spend the rest of my life with. So being able to see Lexi in person and being able to ask this girl to marry me was something I never thought of before in this experiment and I am so blessed that I was able to be on love is blind and get engaged while I was on the show as well."

Cosmo: "Why do you think it never aired?"

Westley: "For me I think it never aired because the concept that they did not believe would work as well, did. And having eight couples that match their you know, financial things and time and all that and so, I’m not sure why our story wasn’t shared as I felt like it was something that people would have loved to see..."

Cosmo: "Are you and your fiance still together?"

Westley: "No, Lexi and I are not still together. We split up a few months after the show, and I ended up moving to Asia for some time and Lexie ended up moving to new York to pursue her new career. And so we stayed friends, we communicate, and with the show being out we communicate all the time. And we are really good friends right now."

Who knows, there may still be a future for this adorable unseen couple...