‘The Circle’ just got renewed for two more seasons. Here’s what we know

Can we bring Joey back? Is that an option?
‘The Circle’ just got renewed for two more seasons. Here’s what we know
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While The Circle—Netflix’s truly wild popularity contest where contestants judge each other by social media presence alone—literally just finished on January 15, but the general internet has been dying for more. Well, now you can all get hyped ~officially~ because Netflix has renewed the show for two more seasons. If you haven’t watched, be warned—spoilers ahead.

As you probably remember, New York native and Jersey Shore look-alike Joey Sasso took home the big prize in season 1 (you know, that guy who once asked Lady Gaga on a date to McDonald’s?). The world fell in love with him and everyone else on the show (looking at you, Shooby), and we’re ready to watch people catfish it up for round two. Here’s everything we know so far.

The show will return in 2021.

The Circle will be coming back to your screens in 2021, but there’s no date for season 3 just yet. (Maybe 2022?) While there isn’t a specific timeline, the showrunners are definitely ready to make it happen—there is literally a permanent building in England outfitted and ready for filming.

Twitter is feeling *very* ready for s2.

The Circle has been dominating social media since it dropped in January, and people are already super excited about season 2.

Casting is open now. And the original cast has advice for you.

Applications are already live, so you can drop your name in here on the casting site. You can also check the Twitter for more updates. Once you’ve got that in, you’ll obvi want some tips on how to stand out. Seaburn and a few other castmates from season 1 told Decider that it’s really important to ~commit~. “Truthfully, bring big energy. And make sure if you catfish, you will have to really relate to the character or it won’t work,” Seaburn said.

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