Michele Morrone surprise calls his biggest fans

Yep, we went there. You're welcome.
Michele Morrone surprise calls his biggest fans
CosmoBy Cosmo -

What would you do if you received a surprise call from Michele Morrone, star of the new Netflix movie 365 Days?

Well, we decided to find out. 

We caught up with the actor during his trip to the Middle East to promote his latest venture as the face of newly-founded app HalaHi, where you can send personalised celeb-fronted messages to your friends and family. 

So how did we pull off this mastermind plans? Amanda, Gemma and Sunali were all under the impression that Cosmo was putting together a video montage as an homage to Michele's trip to the desert, and were told they would be asked three quick-fire questions about the actor and singer. Little did they know, he was right behind the laptop screen... 

Oh, and if that wasn't enough Michele Morrone for you, we also interviewed the rising star, asking him all the random questions you've ever wanted to know, including what the 365th photo is in his camera roll. Yep, you read that correctly.