How 23-year-old Samira Alkhamis shattered sterotypes and became 'The Saudi Ballerina'

EXCLUSIVE: We sat down with the girl known as The Saudi Ballerina to discuss chasing your dreams, career highlights (spoiler alert: it involves Riyadh Season and a horse!), and not conforming to society's norms...
How 23-year-old Samira Alkhamis shattered sterotypes and became 'The Saudi Ballerina'

Almost every little girl has the dream of becoming an astronaut, the next Britney Spears or a beautiful ballerina. Becoming the best at what you do, having everyone scream your name and selling out stadiums; what a dream.

Samira Alkhamis is a 23-year-old Saudi Arabian woman who made one of those dreams come true. Known as “The Saudi Ballerina”, she’s performed in front of thousands and even opened her own studio.

"I started dancing when I was four. I have four sisters and they all dance. It started with the eldest and then every sibling got involved. Except I decided to make a profession out of it and opened a studio called Pulse Personal Training. The studio's been open for a year now. Dance is what I want to do for the rest of my life." Samira shares with Cosmo ME.

"I started off as a model on social media. I was unsure about how people would respond to me sharing my dancing; whether or not they'd accept it. I get a lot of "How is this person Saudi?" because I don't necessarily fit the bill or mold of what is normal here. It's a little scary, but it's a risk I'm taking. I think other people should too, especially if it's something that they're passionate about and allows the to inspire others." she continues.

We deffo get it. You can never please the masses and there's always gonna be a hater or two. We just really had to know what the parents think!

"My parents are extremely supportive! They're my biggest fans." Samira sweetly shares.

"The industry is very competitive. I know it's wrong and I shouldn't do it, but I tend to comapre myself to other dancers. I get scared that maybe they're judging me."

We've all been there Samira, we totally get it. You're beautiful and talented; we so stan.

"My favourite performace was for the Riyadh Season. I was basically dancing with a horse! That was a challenging one. I had to train with the horse, learn how to handle it, if it panicked what should I do; it was insane. Not only was I performing in front of thousands of people in a stadium for the first time, but I was also wearing this really long dress and cape. Oh and the horse was loose during the dance."

It's literally as wild and majestic as it sounds. Believe us when we tell you Samira's performance was absolutely breathtaking.

See? We told you.