Justin Bieber gets teary-eyed talking about Billie Eilish and past relationships

"I just wanna protect her, you know?" Yeah Justin, we know.
Justin Bieber gets teary-eyed talking about Billie Eilish and past relationships

Justin Bieber's just dropped his brand new album Changes and this time, not only are we getting new music, but a super-long, super-sentimental interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe. Justin talked about his relationships before Hailey Baldwin *cough* Selena *cough*, calls himself "reckless" and even expresses his desire to protect rising "superstar" Billie Eilish.

Yeah, that was some interview.

When asked about how he felt, wanting to protect Billie, he says this:

"I definitely feel protective of her. It was hard for me, being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn and everyone telling me they loved me, and just turning their back on you in a second. Yeah, it's hard, because I want her to know that she can count on me. But at the end of the day I'm never going to force myself to be in a relationship with her, it has to be natural, right? So, I just kind of let her do her thing and if she ever needs me, I’m gonna be here for her, but just protecting those moments because people take for granted encounters."

He pauses to brush off a few stray tears and continues:

"I just wanna protect her, you know? I don’t want her to lose it. I don’t want her to go through anything I went through. I don’t wish that upon anybody. So, if she ever needs me, I’m just a call away."

Billie responded by posting a clipping from the interview and showing off her JB merch while instructing fans to go "stream changes."

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Justin also took the opportunity to confess how he met Hailey when he wasn't ready for commitment. "I think I was just hurt from my previous relationship," he tells Zane.

He goes on to fully express the reason by saying, "I think I still was dealing with a lot of unforgiveness and all that sort of stuff. To be honest, I don't think I even knew what I was really struggling with at the time. I don't think I knew I was dealing with unforgiveness."

He mentions how he and Hailey took a break from talking for a while and how - though it was painful - it helped him grow. "Before that, in my previous relationship, I went off and just went crazy and went wild, just was being reckless. This time I took the time to really build myself and focus on me, and try to make the right decisions and all that sort of stuff. And yeah, I got better."

The now happily-wedded husband gushed about his wife, saying:  "I'm freaking married now. I got the best wife in the world. She supports me through so much. I'm really honored to be her husband." Cute!

Watch the full interview below: