Celebs across the world join in with the first Arab countdown to Emirates Mars Mission

Ahmed Helmy, Jay shetty and Muniba Mazari take part
Celebs across the world join in with the first Arab countdown to Emirates Mars Mission
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Emirates Mars Mission has created the first-ever Arabic countdown to mark the Hope Probe launch, the first Arab space mission to Mars. 

Through a filter created on Snapchat everyone is encouraged to join in the countdown across the globe. Celebrities worldwide such as David Luiz, Jacqueline Fernandes, Gary Vee, Jay Shetty, Muniba Mazari, Ragheb Alama, and Ahmed Helmy have joined in a video:

“The countdown is always the most exciting and gripping moment of any space mission”, said Khaled AlShehhi, Executive Director Marketing & Communications for The Emirates Nation Brand Office. “We have been used to hearing the countdown in multiple languages, a move that symbolizes collaboration among different nations to accomplish and add value to humanity. The Hope probe united 450 scientists and engineers from different backgrounds by science, and that is one of the messages the Emirates aims to deliver to the world. We will bring people together across the world to start a countdown in Arabic for the first Arab space mission that no one ever thought would someday be possible. Today, we prove that the impossible is possible.”

The Hope Probe will fly tonight from Japan and will land in 2021 on Mars taking up to 687 days to arrive.

You can follow the action live here at Space.com courtesy of the UAE Space Agency and the Dubai One news channel. You can also catch the launch live on YouTube. 

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3, 2, 1... Emirates Mars Mission is the 1st ever Arab mission to another planet. Hope Probe lands on Mars in 2021. Good luck! ##marsmission2020 ##fy Nodis - All About Cake (feat. KyleYouMadeThat) - kyleyoumadethat