Emily Ratajkowski has gone blonde and of course she looks incredible

Was there any doubt?
Emily Ratajkowski has gone blonde and of course she looks incredible
Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily Ratajkowski has dyed her hair blonde and in news that will surprise literally no one, she obviously looks sensational.

While America and the UK are gradually easing out of lockdown, we thought the celebrity hair transformations were over.

But unlike all the other celebs who dyed their hair pink, Emily, who is a natural brunette, went for a safer, but still pretty dramatic choice.

The actress was in pretty safe hands, however, as her hair colour transformation was actually a paid partnership with Kérastase, the haircare brand that she is the face of.

In an announcement from the brand, they revealed that Emily had wanted to go blonde for a while, but was concerned about the damage it would do to her hair.

As Emily explained, "I've never coloured my hair, or changed the length significantly in my entire life!

"I just celebrated my birthday and am so happy to be coming out of quarantine with a fresh new look. Beauty is meant to be fun and expressive and this is definitely, hands down, the most fun I've ever had with my look before," she shared.

At least one of us is coming out of lockdown with a "fresh new look", hey...


Obviously feeling her look (who wouldn't?!), Emily also posted a video on Instagram showcasing her new sandy blonde hair, complete with natural roots so she won't have to worry about re-growth.

If you've ever gone a dramatic colour change, you'll know that the other thing you need to switch up is your makeup bag.

Here's hoping Emily shares what new products she's going to be investing in asap...

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