Here's Everything You Need To Know About Love Island's Latest Season

Season 6 is the surprise series that has made our 2020
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Love Island's Latest Season

Although Love Island UK is the ultimate reality TV show to binge watch during the summer, they've just released another season (due to popular demand.) It's even said to be the most dramatic season yet. We'll see about that. 


With an episode airing almost every single day, it's hard not to keep up (or get bored.) Drama, toxic relationships and some ridiculously funny memes that flood in right after each episode airs, we're definitely excited to see what these 12 gorgeous singles have in store. Who knows, maybe one of them may actually find love! So, get your couch and some popcorn ready, because here's what you should know about Love Island's Season 6. 

There's a new host 

Presenter Caroline Flack used to be the go-to presenter up until this season, although she was quite well-known, she was recently charged with assault and has now stepped down from her role. The Flack will not be coming back. Instead, TV personality and quirky blonde Laura Whitmore will be hosting. 

This season takes place in a new location 

Although we usually watch these singles lounge around and do wild activities in a beautiful (and huge) villa in Mallorca, Spain. This year, season 6 will be taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. A free vacation in a sunny location? Maybe we should sign up for Love Island...

The cast is pretty controversial

Every year, Love Island UK picks 12 lucky singles to enter the villa and have a chance at finding love (6 boys, 6 girls) - not to mention, they all look like potential models. This factor is no different this year, however some of the background stories that these contestants have are well...interesting to say the least. One of the girls (Paige,) claims that she formerly dated chart-topping singer Lewis Capaldi, and that he even wrote one of his songs about her! 

Another one of the girls, Eve, claimed that rapper Tyga even slid into her DM's previously...

Too bad Tyga doesn't agree with that (lmaoooo.) 

Another troubling contestant who's entered the villa is Ollie Williams who claimed his next door neighbours are Prince Charles and Camilla from the Royal family... 

He also caused a stir on social media when some fans did their research and found that he hunts endangered animals. 

Yikes - get him out of the villa, please and thanks. 

After only the first two episodes, it seems that this season is going to be an entertaining one. Things are already messy and we can't wait for the hilarious reactions that will follow. 

Don't mind me, I'll just be holed up at home every night watching these episodes (guilty as charged.)