5 ways to power-up your career during coronavirus

According to industry experts from Oliv.com and Genie Recruitment
5 ways to power-up your career during coronavirus
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Have you recently lost a job, experienced a salary cut or missed an internship opportunity at your dream company? DW, you are on the same boat as millions of others across the globe. The lack of motivation or the feeling of being stuck in a rut intensifies with every worrying headline, recession statistic and neverending lockdown boredom. But we spoke to an expert, who said that companies are still expanding and hiring during these times. 

According to Emily Roberts, Principal Consultant at Genie Recruitment, "Realistically speaking, recruitment is quieter than usual; but companies are still expanding, and people are still hiring". Now that there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel, read on to find five ways to power-up your career during these unprecedented times, according to experts.


Demis Kyriacou, Head of Recruitment at Oliv.com, suggests, "Make sure your CV is updated and professional. It is also worth highlighting the experience you gained from your past jobs along with a list of your achievements to stand out from the crowd".

"If you are a part of the creative industry, now is the perfect time to work on your portfolios. Whether it is a website or a Powerpoint presentation, it should be freely accessible to industry decision-makers" explains Nicki Wilson, Managing Director at Genie Recruitment. Once you have revisited your portfolio and CV, and recognize your strengths and weaknesses; it is time to educate yourself with industry knowledge."

Educate yourself


Each industry is currently undergoing massive reforms and changes at the fundamental level due to the work from home regulations placed by the government. "Stay in the know by attending online seminars, webinars or expert talks happening in your industry," Demis advises.

Other ways to stay updated are following the industry's key players on social media and keeping an eye out for major announcements on newspapers and websites. All of this research work will help you adjust to the new normal and have a more targeted approach towards your goal.


The chances of landing your dream job will significantly rise if you have mastered the necessary skillset required for the job. After educating yourself on the current industry trends and shifts, use that intel to learn the top skills required. Nicki comments," Most of the work currently happening is online, so, it is beneficial to pick up skills in digital media, e-commerce platforms, and social media at the moment."

For those who are university students or fresh graduates, Demis advises on revisiting old projects and improvising them by applying any feedback your tutor might have given. He further adds, "If learning a new language is on your wishlist, Arabic is the way to go. It is a key factor for getting a job in the Middle East".


With a set of newly learned skills and an abundance of industry knowledge by your side, it is time to start connecting with decision-makers and fellow professionals online. "Networking is all about making yourself known," says Nicki, "Small yet significant activities such as sharing relevant articles on LinkedIn, contributing to blog posts and connecting with hiring managers; will unlock many doors of opportunities."

Reach out to your new contacts or reconnect with old ones to discuss any potential openings and to stay abreast with insider industry news. Emily, from Genie Recruitment, suggests keeping an applications tracker to avoid letting any opportunity fall through the cracks.

Add Value

Because this is what jobs are all about, right? Like Nicki advises, "One of the most important questions every professional need to answer right now is 'How can I serve others?'" The answer to this will help you discover your role in uplifting yourself and others around you during these times of crisis. Positioning yourself as a dependable resource in your industry will be beneficial to you and the employer by tapping into your true potential.