8 students share how Covid-19 changed university life

"This just confirmed to me that with time we can really get used to anything..."
8 students share how Covid-19 changed university life
CosmoBy Cosmo -

Covid-19 came as a shock to many of us, maybe even more of a shock to the education department - semesters and study plans are made months in advance, so halting claases was a bit strange situation to many.

Cosmo spoke to some university students to find out how Covid-19 impacted their lives as they knew it, in regards to their studies. Here's what they had to say:

Leen, 22

”I started my masters degree in Florence in January and I’m graduating next year. I thought I’d come and have the year of my life, but I was alone in my apartment. I acctually had the most incredible experience during quarantine; meeting my neighbours through the window made me feeel so much less alone.” 

Nini, 22

I grieved my relationship with my professors - the transition to online classes was pretty difficult for me, as I absolutely hated WFH. I was no longer inclined to contributing during lectures as everyone had to be on mute, so I ended up missing most of my classes for the rest of the semester.”

Noor, 21

“I had a super busy year before the pandemic hit, so switching to online learning was a major transition for me. It was really hard to stay motivated while feeling trapped at home, and was really frustrating trying to adjust, but it did teach me a lot of self- discipline.” 

Zahra, 22

“My last class was in 2019 but I had to wait till April 2020 for my actual graduation ceremony. As the date approached, the pandemic hit, and just like that, everything around our graduation was postponed. I didn’t know how to feel... After I started accepting what was happening, my university announced that it would showcase our class of 2020 graduate portraits on the Burj Khalifa. No biggie. 

Anjola, 22

“Don’t get me wrong, the general state of the world is nothing to be happy about, but I really like the convenience of online classes. I’m a final year student and it sucks that our physical graduation was cancelled, but all in all it wasn’t the worst thing ever.” 

Farida, 19

“As I switched majors, I decided to take two additional courses, which meant that I was required to pay extra charges when we went into lockdown. I didn’t think it was acceptable to pay more, because this made the fees higher than they were on campus. Oh well, you live and learn.” 

Nafisa, 22

“The current crisis adversely affected my education. The timing was quite unfortunate - it happened just before my exam and I also had an upcoming presentation and members of my group were no longer easily accessible. It was a depressing situation but I find comfort in knowing I have it better than a lot of people.” 

Zahra, 22

“Procuring my internship after months of searching was a relief. However after only two weeks on the job, lockdown was announced. At first I was happy, but I actually found WFH exhausting. I was slowly starting to enjoy my new routine, and then I had to start going back into the office. It’s been hard trying to find a new ‘normal’.”