Why a silk pillowcase might give you clearer skin and better hair

Plus the best ones to invest in, from just Dhs60
Why a silk pillowcase might give you clearer skin and better hair
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You’ve just woken up from a great night’s sleep, and you feel amazing – until, that is, you take a look in the mirror. Pillow creases on your face, combined with what can only be described as a bird’s nest on your head, isn’t quite the wake-up call you were hoping for.

Sound familiar? It might be time to upgrade your pillowcases.

Now, we know it sounds like behaviour reserved for a Kardashian, but sleeping on silk is actually one of the best things you can do to transform your night-time routine – in fact, silk pillowcases come with a while host of benefits for both your skin and hair. Intrigued? Here's everything you need to know, including the only ones we want to rest our heads on...

Silk pillowcases: the benefits

According to Fiona Stewart, Slip® Co-founder and CEO, “silk is less absorbent than other fibres such as cotton. so a silk pillowcase is less likely to steal your face cream during the night, helping your face glide along the pillowcase all night long."

So, with your face cream working uninterrupted, and hydration locked into your skin, you'll be helping to prevent the formation of fine lines.

And that’s not all: as silk fibres are so much smoother than cotton (yes, even that fancy Egyptian cotton), they’ll create less friction against your hair while you sleep, meaning you won’t wake up with a tangled bed head come morning.

And finally, as silk wicks away moisture (unlike cotton, which absorbs it), a silk pillowcase may help keep you cool during the night. Good news for anyone who loves the cold side of the pillow.

How to wash a silk pillowcase

Washing your silk pillowcase correctly is the key to keeping it in top condition – but don’t tune out just yet, because it may well be less laborious than you think.

Stewart recommends hand washing your silk cases at 30°C, remembering that the gentler you are with them, the longer they’ll keep their luxurious sheen. “The shinier it is, the better it will 'slip', which is key to its health and beauty qualities,” she explains.

You can use a specialist silk cleanser, or reach for a gentle non-bio detergent designed for washing delicate materials. Easy!

The best silk pillowcases

So, which silk pillowcases are the best of the bunch? There's only a few that get our seal of approval. The main thing to ensure is that you're ordering a pure silk pillowcase, rather than a 'satin-style' imposter. Keep it boujie with Slip, become a real adult and sign up for a John Lewis account, or test the waters with a top-rated bargain. Either way, your hair – and skin – will thank you.

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