According to Rihanna, you've been contouring the wrong way

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According to Rihanna, you've been contouring the wrong way

Rihanna is obvs the queen of championing self-love and confidence, so when the Fenty Beauty owner tells the world how you how to make your cheekbones a bit more chiselled, the world listens.

Riri posted a video on her YouTube channel, talking her fans through a natural day look she calls: The No Make-Up Make-up Summer Fenty Face. She obv used Fenty Beauty products for the dewy look, but all you need are your fingertips, a cream bronzer and blush, your fingers and Kabooke brush.

According to Rihanna, the Fenty Beauty bronzer and blush duo can be used for pretty much anything from your eyes to your cheeks and the brush as well works for both dry and cream products, talk about double-duty beauty!

Alright, let's get into the process:

Step 1: Rih starts by using her fingers to dab the bronzer along her contour line and blends into her skin, it's amazing how well the product blends into her skin without a brush.

Step 2: Then she goes in with the bronzer brush for an even more natural blend, at this point, there's no denying the chiselled effect she immediately gets.

Step 3: Now, on to the forehead (you already know that Rihanna is famous for her five-head.) “I have a really big forehead, so I have to go for it,” she jokes. For this she uses the same brush to spread the bronzer, across her forehead, starting from one side to the other. The blend is unbelievably good and "something special" to hear her say it.

When she finishes, she recommends the Summer Fenty Face look for "when you're on the beach or when you just want to wake up next to your man looking like you don’t have no make-up.”

Notes taken Rih.