Guess Which Beauty Brand Joined The "You" Memes

Just as Netflix has renewed the show for the third season!
Guess Which Beauty Brand Joined The "You" Memes

You guys! Netflix has renewed the creeper hit You for a third season, just as the internet is hitting its stride on the Joe Goldberg-inspired meme format. The third season will span 10 episodes and stars Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will return.


Season 2 aired in December as the show has quickly become of the streaming platform's most popular shows featuring one of our favourite stalker/killers (oh, hi Dexter – didn’t see you there).

We've rounded up a selection of fresh You memes, all built around the decidedly unsettling phrase "But I can fix that" and you won't believe which beauty brand has joined in!

One of our favourite beauty brands that joined in is... FENTY BEAUTY