Here's how to find the best foundation brush...

From a lightweight stippling brush to a full coverage beauty blender, here's how to find the perfect foundation brush for every finish
Here's how to find the best foundation brush...
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Whether you're blending liquids, creams or powders, finding the best foundation brush isn't always easy. Do you opt for a full coverage kabuki brush, like the ZOEVA Rose Gold Vol.2 104 Buffer Brush, to buff in foundation and give a flawless finish? Or perhaps you prefer something a little more lightweight? Then it's worth picking up a duo-fibre brush, like the e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Stipple Brush, to give a sheer (but totally buildable) finish. When it comes to powder foundations, we love a flat-top brush, packed with bristles, just like Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation Brush. It picks up plenty of product and distributes it evenly across the complexion.

Moral of the story? Different brushes = different finishes. So we're making things a whole lot simpler by rounding up the best applicators for every look, whether you prefer creams, liquids, powders or sticks, now you can find your foundation's perfect partner in just a few clicks. Simples...

Best foundation brush for fast application: ZOEVA - Rose Gold Vol.2 104 Buffer Brush

This vegan foundation brush has a big, flat top that makes it quicker and easier-than-ever to apply foundation. The dense bristles ensure that it remains 100% streak-free and leaves creams and liquids perfectly blended into the skin.
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Best foundation brush for full coverage: Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush

The firmly packed, duo-fibre bristles make it easy to buff cream and liquid foundations into the skin. The domed head allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face, and diffuse the foundation perfectly. We recommend dotting foundation wherever you need, then using the brush in small, circular motions to blend out.
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Best for airbrushed finish: BeautyBlender - Electric Violet Swirl Sponge

There's a reason half of Youtube are using these little pink sponges, and that's because the egg-shaped applicator blends foundation like nothing else. Created by makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva, the BeautyBlender was designed in order to deliver a high coverage finish, that still looks natural on the skin. It works best when dampened down, then patted over the face to diffuse foundation. If you struggle with dryness or a patchy finish, this will be your new go-to.
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Best foundation brush for powder foundation: BARE MINERALS - Original Powder Foundation Brush

The short, tightly-packed bristles in this little kabuki brush work perfectly for buffing powder foundations into the skin. The textured bristles pick up powder evenly and can either be pressed into the skin or swept over in small, circular motions. It's not just a winner for foundation, the brush can also be used for bronzer and blusher. Win, win.
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Best foundation brush for a natural finish: e.l.f. - Beautifully Bare Stipple Brush

The soft, silky bristles of this duo-fibre brush work a treat for giving skin a light 'wash' of foundation, rather than a full coverage finish. The flexible bristles can be used to blend, buff or stipple, either liquid or cream foundations and tinted moisturisers for a natural, sheer coverage.
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Best foundation brush for precise application: ZOEVA - 117 Petit Defined Buffer Brush

The tapered tip of this foundation brush allows for you to deliver precise coverage to specific areas that may need a little extra attention - think, around the nose and eyes. The synthetic bristles work well with both thicker creams and liquids to help deliver a smooth finish.
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