20 black astrologers to follow on Instagram

Follow these experts to understand your birth chart—or just get through Mercury Retrograde with minimal drama
20 black astrologers to follow on Instagram
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It’s day 100-and-something of quarantine and I’ve lost grip of time. It seems like the days have all blended together, and I’m not sure if I’m living in the past, present, or future. Thankfully, even though our concept of time might be a little distorted, the solar system is still moving at its divinely normal rate. Today, we're bringing you 20 Black astrologers who’ll help you get your life back on track, whether you're navigating Mercury's post-retrograde shadow or getting to know your Rising sign.


Founder of NFLUX MAG and Director of the Fresh Voices in Astrology, Kirah is MUST-follow astrologer if you’re working to become an active member of the astrology community.


Mecca Woods is THE Bronx-bred astrologer. She's known for her Cosmic Coloring books for every sign and her book Astrology for Happiness and Success.


Astro Dim is known for her insight into lesser-known astrological bodies like Chiron and Ceres. If you’re looking to understand the depths of your soul, Dim won’t have a problem shining the light for you to see yourself.


@CancerDailyHoroscopes is an adorable Cancer-themed meme account that will regularly fill your timeline with wholesome content.


Usually most active on her Twitter @ijaadee, this young astrologer is a major influencer on astro-Twitter—and she’s Sza's and Kehlani’s astrologer.


Adama Sesay's Lilith Astrology is all about releasing your inner goddess—and is named after the ancient goddess Lilith. 


Active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, Mani is a young astrologer who transforms lives with her message of self-love and spiritual preservation.


@BlackGirlHoroscope is a meme account promoting cosmic wellness for “melanated gals” (and allies). Notable for her hilarious memes and informational posts, her account is perfect for people who are just beginning to explore astrology.


mizChartreuse is the founder and “HeadMiztress” of the Venus Academy; she's made it her goal to guide those who seek healthy relationships and personal transformation.


You can find Amani Richardson's horoscopes in publications including Know Your Zodiac.


KayxStars is a major meme account in the pop-culture astrology world. Her content calls out every sign and won’t hesitate to snatch your edges.


Diana Rose is an astrologer, tarot reader, and speaker whose work centers around healing and compassion. She also wrote the guidebook for the Rosebud Tarot deck, which features Black faces.


Dean is an astrologer and occasional tarot reader who also attends MIT. They recently spoke at the Queer Astrology Conference, which featured a majority of BIPOC speakers.


Bear Ryver is an intersectional astrologer and Reiki master who is passionate about growth and grounded empowerment.


The Sagittarian Mind is one of the most consistent astrology accounts on the internet, constantly spotlighting and promoting useful information (not to mention the person behind the account is extremely kind).


Sam Reynolds is an astrologer who’s been practicing for over 25 years. He focuses on translating astrology into a language that can be easily understood.


Dayna Nuckolls is a Sidereal astrologer and tarot practitioner who has been featured on NPR and Bustle. She uses to divination as a tool for liberation.


Bruce Wayne is a third-generation psychic to the star. Along with featuring astrological takes on pop culture on his account, he offers astrology classes, birth chart readings, and has been practicing tarot since the age of six (child prodigy much?)!


Houiea is an astrologer and multidimensional healing artist who works with various forms of divination, including tarot, Akashic records, and astrology.


Astrologer, Hoodoo practitioner, host of the spirituality podcast The 777 Show!, Witch Doctor Alex is the plug for informative astrological memes and resources—not to mention an online Botanica.

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