When will the UAE open its borders?

In a new statement released by Dubai Tourism, the country and preparing to fully open their borders
When will the UAE open its borders?
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Travel restrictions have been in place at airports across the UAE since mid-March in order to contain and control the spread of coronavirus across the country.

But now, in a new statement released by Dubai Tourism, it seems that the government are preparing to fully reopen borders.

"Authorities are preparing for a full reopening of UAE's borders, subject to the removal of travel restrictions by implementing a series of strategic measures in conjunction with their federal counterparts designed to ensure the virus does not enter the emirate through its sea and land ports," the Dubai Tourism said.

So what does this mean? Well, the airlines have already implemented the necessity for Covid tests before flying; all passengers must wear masks and be sat at least two meters apart from each other; and all passengers must self-quarantine for two weeks before and after reaching their destination.

"Travellers will be welcomed to Dubai in a safe and secure environment ensuring seamless use of contactless technologies and advanced equipment for screening incoming and outgoing passengers to safeguard the city from any spread of infection,” adds Dubai Tourism. “World-class cleaning and disinfection processes across all facilities, attractions and assets to ensure a risk-free experience for tourists in the city are being implemented.”