This Dubai Youtuber projected her gender reveal on Burj Khalifa

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This Dubai Youtuber projected her gender reveal on Burj Khalifa

Considering gender reveal parties have the potential to be incredibly Insta-worthy, it makes sense that the trend has grown into what it is today. The whole gender reveal soiree is the occasion that most modern-day parents-to-be anticipate the most - some parents have gotten pretty creative to reveal the sex of their baby, some just simply let their bank account speak for them and that's exactly what this Dubai-based couple did. 

The YouTube personalities are known for their vlogs and pranks with their 7.3 million subscribers. but obviously, they're about to stack up on followers following their recent money move.

Anas and Asala Marwah, who are currently pregnant with their second baby, decided to have the sex reveal projected on Burj Khalifa aka the world's tallest tower. "It's a boy!" was projected on the 828-metre tower after a pretty dramatic countdown.

In a video, Asala said: "My heart is beating, I feel it is going to pop out of my chest and I feel much more excited than my wedding day."

"I am trying my best to give content that no one has ever seen before." Great job Asala, you definitely did something no one has ever seen before. 

So word on the street is the gender reveal apparently cost a loud $140,000 (Dhs514,150.00) - yeah, we're just gonna let that sink in.