James Corden might replace Ellen in the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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James Corden might replace Ellen in the Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Updated story 03/08/2020

It has been reported that James Corden is being considered as Ellen's replacement for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. James currently hosts The Late Late Show on CBS, after toxic work environment claims were made against Ellen's long-time show, rumours are swirling that the British TV presenter may take over the much-loved NBC daytime. 

"James and his team have been trailblazers in modern TV, taking the once considered graveyard chat show slot into a cutting edge format with huge online, social media, and global recognition," a source said. "Replacing Ellen was always going to be a tough challenge, but he is a natural fit and easy transition. James would freshen up daytime and with a free hand would be allowed to build a new afternoon era."

The James Corden Show does have a ring to it...

Original story 29/07/2020

Reports of a ‘toxic workplace’ have recently surfaced (and not for the first time) about The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Warner Media have started a full investigation.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is built upon on the idea of kindness. Ellen even signs off each show “be kind to one another”, so it has come as a huge controversy that a show supposedly based on kindness, generosity and the whole feel-good factor is currently undergoing an internal investigation by Warner Media due to reports of a ‘toxic workplace’.


It has been reported that sources who have spoken to the outlet have said that The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s production company and distributor “sent a memo to staffers last week, saying they have engaged WBTV-owner Warner Media’s employee relations group and a third-party firm, who will interview current and former staffers about their experiences on set”.

Back in mid-July, BuzzFeed News reported that current and former Ellen employees had shared their (anonymous) stories about being mis-treated whilst working at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The report said that a former employee said “that ‘be kind’ b***s*** only happens when the cameras are on. It’s all for show”, adding “I know they give money to people ad help them out, but it’s for show”.

There have also been reports of racism on set, with the BuzzFeed report sharing a Black woman’s experience of being subjected to racist comments, with one of Ellen’s senior writers getting her confused with another Black woman at a work party and telling her, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here”. I mean, WOW.

Despite her name being seen everywhere in relation to the controversy, none of the allegations are actually against Ellen herself, but against The Ellen DeGeneres Show. One of the employees in the report said “if she wants to have her own show and have her name on the show title, she needs to be more involved to see what’s going on”, and added “I think the executive producers surround her and tell her ‘things are going great, everybody’s happy’ and she just believes that, but it’s her responsibility to go beyond that”.

Exec producers Andy Lassner, Ed Glavin and Mary Connelly have released a joint statement to the outlet, which says:
“Over the course of nearly two decades, 3,000 episodes, and employing over 1,000 staff members, we have strived to create an open, safe, and inclusive work environment. We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our productive family has had a negative experience. It’s not who we are and not who we strive to be, and not the mission Ellen has set for us”.
They took the “day-to-day responsibility of the Ellen show” as their responsibility, and said that they “take of all this very seriously and we realize, as many in the world are learning, that we need to do better, are committed to do better, and we will do better”.

There has also been an issue around pay during the Covid-19 pandemic, when there was a shift in how the show was being filmed. According to an Variety story in April, some members of the crew reported that they “received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month”. Yikes!

Ellen is yet to comment publicly on the matter and her show is on its normal summer break at the moment.