So Hindash just named his dog Cosmo

And we are obsessed
So Hindash just named his dog Cosmo

Earlier this year Hindash became our first ever male cover star, and posed it up in our cover story with his dog, Timmy. But now Timmy has got a new playmate in the way of Hindash’s new puppy who just happens to be named… COSMO!

“Apart from the obvious Cosmo reference he’s also named after the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon (the kid’s name is Timmy and he has two guardian fairies, one of them is Cosmo”, Hindash tells us, “I wanted a gender neutral name but he’s a boy. I wanted a girl”.

The two cuties were snapped on Hindash’s Instagram story getting to know each other, and Cosmo seemed super excited to meet his big sibling. “They’re getting along fine for now! Timmy’s very neutral and keeps his distance but he’ll warm up to him. Cosmo is a bit of a monster” Hindash tells us of the puppy love.

The cutest!