Summer's not over yet, so wrap yourself up in this comfy terry cloth trend

It's like wearing a beach towel, but more socially acceptable.
Summer's not over yet, so wrap yourself up in this comfy terry cloth trend
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I, for one, am completely devastated summer is almost at its end. For the umpteenth time, this year has REALLY flown by. But the one thing that makes me want to eke the most out of the couple weeks of warm weather left is all these freaking soft-looking terry cloth clothes. If you're unfamiliar with the material, it literally feels like a beach towel thanks to the looped threads, so it's absorbent but also feels sooooo comfy.

While it's been around in past seasons, this year it's out in full force. I mean, Frankies Bikinis launched a terry set in three colourways at the beginning of this summer and it's been sold out and restocked (and then sold out again) multiple times. And designer Asata Maisé's popular terry cloth hats and baguette bags have also completely sold out, which basically proves my point that people can't get enough of the material and we should all be wearing it into the fall and beyond!

You can find terry shorts, bucket hats, rompers, shoes, purses, and even scrunchies. The limit does not exist! If you're into the beachy look and want an excuse to shop for something so you can hold onto That Summer Feeling, follow alonggg.

Dresses and Rompers!


Stripe square neck romper        Rose Romper - Sunset Stripe           Gigi Dress - Celeste


Dhs158                                                   Dhs495                                                Dhs495

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       Terry Dress


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Polos and shirts!


Retro Femme Crew Terry                  Pullover Hoodie in French Terry          Tie-front cotton-terry 

Nike                                                       Gap                                                              Terry                                                                                

Dhs220                                                  Dhs279                                                         Dhs645

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Short Sleeve Crewneck Sweatshirt in French Terry



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Bikinis and Shorts!


              Eloise Top - White                Sena One Piece Terry                 Micro Muse terry bikini top         

Glow Tint                                  Jade Swim                                   Jade Swim                             

approx. Dhs420                         approx. Dhs810                             approx. Dhs380

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     Gia Halterneck Top Terry                           All Around Bandeau Terry    

Jade Swim                                           Jade Swim                            

approx. Dhs330                                    approx. Dhs330

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Carissa Ocean Towel Sandals            Terry Headband              Wave Bucket - Aqua Terry

Miista                                                     Asos Design                       Lack Of Color


                             approx. Dhs560                                             Dhs45                                 approx. Dhs365

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Terry Chiquita Scrunchie               Towel leather-trimmed cotton-terry tote bag

                                    Donni                                                Gabriel for Sac


                                 approx. Dhs140                                           Dhs860

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I hope you get as much joy from these kinda vintage-looking, textured, towel-like pieces as I do, and that you (safely!) enjoy the rest of these sunny summer days feeling like you're curled up in a blanket. What's not to love about that?!

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