Beat The Blues With Pantone

Pantone has declared 2020’s shade “Classic Blue” and we’re not sad about it!
Beat The Blues With Pantone

This year is going blue and we’re talking beyond your trusty pair of denims. ‘Classic Blue’ has been described as “suggestive of the sky at dusk” and a “timeless and enduring blue hue elegant in its simplicity.” Great. I’m calling it right now – this one will be popular for wedding themes.

Even though blue has made an appearance as colour of the year, this calming, deep, midnight blue was chosen in the hopes it’ll being “a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit.” Considering the consensus that 2019 was a complete car crash, I’m happy to be surrounded by a soothing shade.

Being the favourite colour of many, blue can be incorporated in many, many areas. Get ready to see it around a lot. 

1. Make up
While some of us will have flashbacks to the 80s, take comfort that this is a slightly more muted blue, not the jarring ultraviolet of three decades ago. Use it as a colourful alternative to the traditional smokey eye while still keeping it sultry.

Or, make a sparkly statement!

2. Clothing

The sky is pretty much the limit here. I think we can safely say your favourite skinny jeans will be readily available in this shade but it's going to go further with fun day dresses that can brighten up the office...

...Glamourous eveningwear...

...Or even if you're just out and about as actual royalty.

3. Hair
Ok, confession time, one of the best things I ever did was dye my hair blue and I’m taking it as a sign that I should it again!

Everybody needs at least one blue moment!

4. Nails
This is a straight up no brainer.

Keep it interesting with ombre.

5. Accessories
This colour gives a fun pop of colour without being obtrusive, making outfits fun but not in your face.

It works for staples that can be carried beyond 2020.

6. Interiors
Classic Blue is going to be a decorator's dream simply because it's a non-devisive shade that the majority will like and will stanbd the test of time. I'm not Kylie Jenner; I'm not redecorating my house each year.

7. Classic Blue with a conscience
Pantone has partnered with CARIUMA to produce Classic Blue sneakers which are 100% vegan and made with fair trade cotton and raw natural rubber. Yaaaaas sustainability! Available now!