This Is Not A Drill: GLITTER Sunscreen Exists!

Now you can shine bright like a diamond while basking in the sun
This Is Not A Drill: GLITTER Sunscreen Exists!

Sunny days, rising temperatures and ice cream cravings. Summer is almost here and you know what that means: beach season is upon us!

Sunshine & Glitter have just made summer even more exciting with its GLITTER SUNSCREEN!!! Yes girls, you heard right, now you can finally lay at the beach or pool and sparkle like a Twilight star. Ah yes, dreams do come true.


The miracle invention comes in three different colours: Party Cake with rainbow glitter, Mango Tango with gold glitter and Very Berry with pink glitter. They're paraben free, sweet-smelling and enriched with skin-loving antioxidants vitamin E, and green tea extract. The sunscreen has SPF50+ and is waterproof, so it’s safe for mermaid use (or you know… for just posing in the sea and pretending to be one).


When applied, the cream leaves a  hint of glitter on your skin that gives a goddess-like glow in the sun. Perfect for Instagram stories + sparkle filter, to blind all the bystanders with your #Glow. No need to worry the non-irritant glitter is risk-free and won't impact the formula's SPF quality. 


For those concerned about glitter polluting the oceans, the Sea Star Sparkle sunscreen is made with 100% biodegradable glitter. So you can indulge with a free conscious.

Sadly the product is only available in the USA right now, BUT we have found alternatives that will leave you just as glam while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

Hwaiian Tropics Shimmer Effect Lotion SPF8 Dhs57 ,

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence SPF 30 PA++ Dhs130

That glowwwwww by @badgalriri . . #glamupvideos

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And for that after sun glow... FENTY LAVA Dhs260

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