9 Wedding Foods That Everyone Secretly Hates

GTFO with your hard-to-eat canapés
9 Wedding Foods That Everyone Secretly Hates
By Hannah Doolin -


Mingling during cocktail hour is awkward enough as is—don't add to it with messy or complicated nibbles that could cause a spill for your guests. Bitesized portions are a great way to keep everyone happy before dinner is served, but if we can't eat it with one hand and balance our drink in the other, we're not interested.


Cutesy names like "Something Blue" don't exactly inspire tasty beverages, and honestly, your guests would much rather be downing red than some sugary concoction. If you decide to design your own drinks, offer a few other options, and definitely keep the bubbly flowing.


Chicken seems like the perfect, easy option to serve to a crowd, but by the time it gets in front of guests, it always seems to have been transformed into a piece of rubber. Dried-out chicken cordon bleu and chewy chicken marsala? Hard pass.


If ever properly cooked fish was served at a wedding banquet, we didn't get an invite. Cooking anything en masse can be tricky, and the delicate nature of salmon, tilapia and other fillets make them super susceptible to unsavoury textures. Stick to simpler seafood options like prawns and scallops.


Limp, steamed vegetables wrapped up like little presents aren't adding anything to the meal, and the fancy presentation isn't hiding the fact that you seriously skimped in the sides department. Pasta and rice are way more satisfying choices, and buttery mashed potatoes never fail.


Does everyone have to suffer just because the bride or groom has special diet requests? Serving some vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free fare is totally acceptable, but let the allergy-free party guests enjoy themselves fully—that means real-deal treats at the dessert table.


"Did the pastry chef run out of frosting?" That's the question that the naked cake trend has people asking. We don't care how aesthetically pleasing you think this technique is—no one likes biting into a dry piece of cake. If there's not ample icing involved, we'd rather just have ice cream.


Once we've worked up an appetite on the dance floor, late-night snacks are a welcome surprise at any reception, but it's got to be executed properly. Having a food truck serving burger, fries, tacos and crepes is a fun idea, but your guests don't want to wait in line in heels.


"Thank you all so much for making the trek to [insert far-flung wedding location] for our special day. Don't forget to grab a gift on your way out—try not to chip a tooth!" Little pouches of hard sweets might be the lamest of all wedding favours. Get creative, people!

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Originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk