Some Of The Funniest April Fool Pranks of 2018

We give 'A' for effort
Some Of The Funniest April Fool Pranks of 2018
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We searched the World Wide Web to find some epic April fool’s day jokes ranging from LOL to huh? and we're loving the humour going around this month. 

1. HBO Announces Earlier Dates For Game Of Thrones Season 8

Ever since GOT season 7 ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season which was previously confirmed for 2019 ( almost two years after season 7 finished). So imagine the excitment when HBO told its viewers that the new season will be out by August 2018 then they took it back, the horror. 

Omg -

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2. Huda Beauty's New Product Launch

Huda Beauty's April fool’s video made 'Arabian' desert sand look like the hottest exfoliator since Frank's Body Scrub and we kinda liked the idea.

3. Netflix Basically Buys Seth Rogen

Netflix announced on twitter that it had acquired all rights over comedian Seth Rogen. The video even tells that "Rogen has entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix. It does seem realistic, especially that Rogen's comedy special Hilarity For Charity, is coming out on Netflix starting Friday, April 6.

4.  Lego Introduces A 'Brick-Sorting' Vacuum Cleaner

The Lego group known for their interlocking plastic bricks and toys said they were going to make a 'brick-sorting' vacuum. Now anyone who knows Lego knows that stepping on one hurts a lot. Also, they're super tiny so it's hard to clear them all up. A Lego vacuum would solve ALL these woes and so much more. 

*Adds to wishlist*

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5. T-Mobile Created A Sidekick Smart-Shoe And Phone

T-Mobile, one of America's best unlimited network service providers, told its customers they had a super shoe coming out. You wear your phone as a shoe and it can do everything, from getting the perfect selfie by simply lifting up your leg (no more selfie sticks needed) to swapping contacts with a foot bump ('coz fist bumps are so last year).

These shoes would've been the ULTIMATE buy, if only they were real! We're betting T-Mobile's Sidekick invention prank will inspire the next big product!

6. Burger King Adds A Chocolate Whopper To Its Menu

Burger King's chocolate whopper burger made our day: two chocolate patties, raspberry syrup and onion rings all packed together - YUM. We did raise an eyebrow at the onion rings part but it’s just the side dish right? Anyways, it's not real but we're definitely salivating at the idea of a chocolate burger. 

7. KitKat Gets Into Hygiene

Who doesn't want to smell like choclate all day long? A KitKat soap sounds yummy. Now, if KitKat is using April Fool’s Day to test our response to this product, we're sold. 

8. Coca-Cola Brings Out Three New Flavours 

Coca-Cola told everyone they had three new flavours coming out: Zero Sugar Avocado, Sourdough and Charcoal. We're kinda glad this was only a joke as truth be told, they sound icky.