This 'Harry Potter' Hair Colour Is Magic

10 points for Gryffindor
This 'Harry Potter' Hair Colour Is Magic

Guys, get your wands at the ready, because someone just created a Harry Potter-inspired hair colour, and it's actually incredibly kind of great.

The Gryffindor-inspired dye job was first spotted by Allure on Virginia-based hairstylist Crystal Casey's Instagram. Casey originally posted the experimental colour earlier this March, but two days ago she revealed the lengthy process it took with a step-by-step tutorial.

“The colour itself was inspired by Gryffindor from the Harry Potter movies, with my own twist, of course," Casey told Allure. The striking colouring is the result of mixing basic balayage with a colour-melting technique, resulting in a checkered-like gradient. Even though the client's hair appears to have horizontal streaks of colour, Casey actually painted the dye on vertically and diagonally to give the colour more depth and dimension.

Let's be real, I know you're probably not about to run to your hairstylist with this picture in hand, since the look isn't exactly the subtle balayage you've been obsessively pinning after.

But hey, I'll still get behind any movie-related hair inspo, especially when it allows me to nerd out over Harry Potter. Which is about 100 percent of the time.

H/T Marie Claire US