Kylie Jenner Just Answered All Your Burning Questions About Stormi

From giving birth to which sister she told first and what Travis is like as a dad
Kylie Jenner Just Answered All Your Burning Questions About Stormi

Following nine months of radio silence, Kylie Jenner is making up for lost time and giving us constant updates on her life with newborn daughter Stormi Webster.

After posting a pic of her one-month postpartum body on Instagram and sharing close ups of Stormi's gorgeous chubby cheeks, Kylie has now answered loads of Keeping Up With The Kardashians' fans burning questions on Twitter.

Here are the 8 important revelations we made from her impromptu Q&A.

1. Khloe Kardashian is the first person Kylie told

"I think it was Khloe! Maybe Kourtney", Kylie replied to a fans' question, "Which sister did you tell first that you were pregnant?"

2. Kris Jenner was super supportive of Kylie's pregnancy

"What was mama Kris’ reaction when you told her you were pregnant?!", @jaydeedagga asked, to which Kylie responded, "She was sooo supportive. I love my mama [sic]".

3. Not eating sushi was the worst part of being pregnant

"There really was no worst part! Probably not being able to eat sushi lol I had such a perfect experience. she moved a lot", Kylie said when sharing details about her nine month journey.

4. She felt completely ready to give birth

@impensiusuror asked, "Were you afraid of giving birth? I'm just a year older than you and this is my number one fear about having a baby".

"I wasn’t afraid! & you shouldn’t be either. We were made for this", Kylie replied.

5. Kylie and Chicago are BFFs

6. Stormi's toes are her favourite

"What’s your favourite feature of Stormi’s? She’s so precious", one fan asked. Kylie replied, "Well all of her! but her little toes get me every time ".

7. Travis is "the best" with his daughter

8. She had loads of pregnancy cravings

In response to "What is your number one craving when you were pregnant?", Kylie wrote, "Eggos!!! I never liked them before I was pregnant & haven’t had one since I had her. so strange! Lol", before adding, "Lmao and In-N-Out [burger]!! Donuts too [sic]".


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