Inside Cosmopolitan Middle East's March Cover Story Starring Olivia Culpo

Everything you've every wanted to know about her (and more)...
Inside Cosmopolitan Middle East's March Cover Story Starring Olivia Culpo
Adam Browning-Hill
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“We’re pizza people!” Olivia confesses, making me like her instantly. Despite how frikkin annoyingly gorgeous the former Miss Universe looks without a shred of make-up, she’s a carb lover and that’s all that matters in my books. In Dubai to announce the much-anticipated Beauty Pop taking place in April, the super sweet model, actress, musician and influencer (is there anything she can’t do… grrr) ‘fesses up a secret or two in a quick fire with Cosmo…

Earliest memory

“Spending time with my older brother and sister”

More like mum or dad?

“My dad. My mom is a musician so she’s very artistic and chilled out all the time. My dad is more organised, structured and a Type A personality. I like setting goals for myself and trying to achieve them. But I’m also very calm in crazy situations. I can handle a lot of chaos!”

Where did your parents meet? 

“Boston University’s orchestra. My dad plays the trumpet and my mom, the viola.”

Instruments you play

“I grew up playing the cello. All my siblings play music.”

My childhood in three words…

“Loud, busy and musical.”

What do your siblings do?

“My older sister is a teacher, my older brother plays the guitar and helps my dad in the restaurant business, my younger brother plays baseball and my younger sister is studying nutrition in college.”

Fave food growing up

“The most comforting food my mom would make is pizza. We have a pizza oven in our backyard and a pizza pan that has been passed down two generations. We’re pizza people!”

Food you’re craving right now

“I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter.”

Colour of your toothbrush


If you were stuck on Mars, you would…

“Try to find the water that everyone says is there and make history!”

What animal you would be and why?

“Some sort of a cat in the wilderness. They’re so beautiful and majestic, their eyes are so mesmerising and they’re fast.”

Who you admire the most?

“I think right now a lot of the women in my industry. For example, Jennifer Lawrence who is taking a whole year off to help women get more involved in
their communities.”

Yay or nay to being political?

“I’d like to keep my political views more separate at this point in my career. Because there’s so much more going on, it’s not a good time for me to stand out in terms of politics. I admire a lot of the people who are very unapologetic about their opinions.”

If you could trade lives with someone who would it be?

“Any male. I want to know how they think because I don’t understand it all. I just want to know what it’s like!”

The most confusing thing about men

“It’s a lot of different things. Not knowing what they’re thinking  and if they’re aware or just negligent. They can’t do many things at once like women, so they end up doing nothing! I really want to know what it’s like to have one thought in my head”

Your ideal man is…

“I’m in a relationship. Fun loving, caring, a great communicator... these are the things I like.”

Who are you dating?

“Danny Amendola. We met through mutual friends. He plays for my state’s football team and lives five minutes from the house I grew up in… so it’s great.”

Is he a great communicator?

“I just said these are the things that I like (laughs).”

If you were invisible you would…

“I don’t like eavesdropping. Ignorance is bliss.”

Your biggest addiction

“Something technological – either my computer or my phone.”

The celeb who annoys you the most

“I can tell you what annoys me the most… when celebs inundate you with their opinions. Sometimes less is more.”

The most interesting thing in your wallet

“Hotel room keys from like four years ago that I forgot to get rid of. There are more interesting things in my handbag (laughs).” 

What you’ve tried that you’re bad at

“Every sport that my parents ever had me try. I love things like running and exercising but I don’t enjoy sport that physically involves another person.”

The one word you would add to the dictionary

“I don’t know if ‘ish’ is in the dictionary but I use it a lot. It adds to the quality of everything…”

How long does it takes you to get ready in the morning?

“I rolled out of bed at 12.45 and came here… so 15 minutes? (laughs).”

Do you wear make-up all the time?

“Nope. But I’ll curl my eyelashes, put hair spray in my eyebrows and brush them into place with a mascara wand – it lifts up my whole face.”

The TV sitcom family you would like to be a part of

“Sofia Vergara’s in Modern Family.”

The thing you notice about a person when you first meet them

“Their smile and energy.”

The product you would refuse to promote

“Anything that hurts others.”

Your favourite book growing up

“Anything by Shel Silverstein. I love his poetry. My parents used to read it to us when we were growing up. I love Rupi Kaur and Cleo Wade as well.”

The person you would want next to you if you were in a plane crash

“I wouldn’t want anyone I love to die so maybe a nice stranger?”

The song you listen to all the time

“I really like anything by James Taylor because it reminds me of my mom.”

The last film you watched

“Murder On The Orient Express. It was scary but good.”

Favourite place to watch TV…

“My bed. It’s bliss.”

How big is your bed?

“California King.”

The most spontaneous thing you’ve done

“Zip-lining, I’m terrified of heights so it was a big deal.”

What you’re learning right now

“I’m trying to learn how to meditate and run longer.”

Tell us a secret

“Sometimes I wish I could have long Barbie hair. It’s not scandalous but I do! Oh, and I still have my baby blanket.”

Your best feature

“My smile. And I pride myself on being as honest as possible.”

Olivia in numbers

4 - The number of siblings she has.

3- How old she was when she had her worst hair style (a nasty bowl cut courtesy Mum).

25- How long her parents have been married.

1- The class she failed in University (when she left
to win Miss USA – a good reason if we’ve ever
heard one!)


Interview - Kavita Srinivasan
Photography - Adam Browning-Hill
Styling - Celia Jane-Ukwenya
Hair - Belle Femme 
Make-up - Sofie Begtrup
All fashion available on - Nisnass