See Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Music Video

"My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me"
See Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Music Video
Alex ReesBy Alex Rees -

As it happens, the biggest news to break during tonight's iHeartRadioMusic awards (at least as of 9:25 pm EST, at which point I went to bed) was Toulouse Grande, Ariana Grande's dog, winning the "Cutest Musician's Pet" award. This was a real award!!! Which, incidentally, was presented by Paris Hilton and her itty bitty micro chihuahua Diamond Baby.

Also, wait, here are some pictures of Diamond Baby on stage, clearly a natural:




But OK, also, Pharrell Williams showed up wearing a motorcycle jacket with "WOMEN'S RIGHTS" written on the front — #progress — and Taylor Swift released the new music video Delicate, the track from her latest album Reputation which outright deals with her reputation and, you know, maybe also her love Joe Alwyn. T-Swift debuted a clip from the video right after she won iHeartRadio's "Female Artist of the Year" award, huh. Oh, and she and Alwyn were just spotted out together — a rare outing for the pair, but there we go.

In the music video, T-Swift goes invisible or something like that and, away from the world's attention, gets to act out in any/all ways she'd always wanted. This involves awkface and a bunch of tipsy wedding reception dancing in the middle of a rainstorm. It looks lovely and freeing — especially for a young woman under the sociocultural microscope 24/7 T;-Swift should have the opportunity to do all this for real, you know!? Watch Delicate below and, IDK, have a dance party in your shower too?

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