'Black Panther' Made $1 Billion (Dhs3,672,970,000) In Box Office Sales In ONE MONTH

For four straight weeks, Black Panther has been at the top of the global box office
'Black Panther' Made $1 Billion (Dhs3,672,970,000)  In Box Office Sales In ONE MONTH

Marvel's latest superhero movie, Black Panther, has been killing it in the box office since it was released on Feb. 16. And now, less than a month after it premiered, Black Panther crossed the $1 billion (Dhs3,672,970,000) mark in global box office sales.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Black Panther is only the 33rd film to join the "billion dollar club," and is the 16th Disney movie and seventh superhero movie to do so. In North America, by the end of the weekend, Black Panther will be the second highest grossing superhero movie of all time in behind The Avengers.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther is a groundbreaking superhero movie with an all-black cast, hailed as a win for women as well. Wrinkle in Time, which premiered Friday, debuted at the number two spot on box office charts, marking the first time in a long time (and possibly ever) that films by black directors have held the number one and two spots in the same weekend, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Congratulations to all the citizens of Wakanda and Coogler — this news is so well-deserved.

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