Why Snapchat And Instagram Removed Their GIF Sticker Feature

We're having major withdrawals
Why Snapchat And Instagram Removed Their GIF Sticker Feature
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The best part of my Insta-story routine is finding a fabulous GIF that says everything SO much better than any words could. But today, when I swiped up to find the perfect somethin', I noticed that the coolest feature in all of the SM universe was gone *silent scream*.


I did a litte bit of digging to find out what in the world could have caused this Insta-epidemic and apparently a user spotted an extremely racist GIF that made Instagram and Snapchat pull the whole thing down. Below is a censored version of the racist GIF on both Snapchat and Instagram as published by Techcrunch





Snapchat apologised and shared “We have removed GIPHY from our application until we can be assured that this will never happen again.” according to Techcrunch. Although the community guidelines prohibit the display of objectionable content, the GIPHY sticker feature works as a search engine making the top GIF's visible first on search menu, hence things can go haywire.

Plus all GIF's in Snapchat are "rated PG", which means that they are suitable for age 13 years and above, who are allowed to have accounts on Snapchat.

The Giphy team has been working on resolving this issue before the feature can be made available on the apps again.