33 LOL Tweets That Explain Dubai Better Than Any Guide Book

“What the heck is a Thursday evening brunch?”
33 LOL Tweets That Explain Dubai Better Than Any Guide Book
By Aoife Stuart-Madge -

1. Brunch on Friday is such an institution, the day has been officially renamed…

2. But brunching any other day (or night) is also encouraged.

3. In fact, it’s worth travelling 6,000 miles for.

4. The celeb spots will make you feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia.

5. The traffic can be pretty bad…

6. So bad people will do anything to avoid it

7. But at least the residents know how to roll.

8. Yes, it’s sparkly…

9. But you can still find culture if you know where to look.

10. Not everyone who lives there is driving around with leopards in gold cars. 

11. But granted, there are some who make Kimye look modest.

12. Personal grooming is taken very seriously.

13. You get special treatment if you are a girl.   

14. Very special.

15. You don’t even have to pay for drinks.  

16. The temperatures are hot.

17. So hot it can get confusing for visitors…  

18. And residents alike…  

19. So hot that the only cool place is the desert at night.

20. Or the ski slope.

21. Rain is so rare, the sight of it induces panic among residents.     

22. Road rage is a problem…

23. But the crime rate is seriously low.

24. The taxi drivers don’t necessarily have all ‘the knowledge’.

25. The locals know their labels.

26. Camels are a common sight.

27. They even race them.

28. But the best race of them all is the Dubai World Cup horse race. Which is not really about the racing at all.

29. It’s a city where anything is possible.

30. No dream can’t be realised.  

31. Everything is bigger.

32. You get so used to luxury, you can get a little spoiled.

33. But it’s the simple things that make your heart sing.