16 Types Of Friends You Meet in Dubai

How many have you collected?
16 Types Of Friends You Meet in Dubai

1. The super attractive friend

In the cultural melting pot that is Dubai, it’s not unusual to meet people of mixed ancestry, and the super attractive friend hit the gene pool lottery. One quarter Brazilian, one quarter Lebanese, with a random mix of German, Punjabi, Irish and French in there for good measure, she’s the most beautiful person you have ever seen IRL.

2. The friend from the same place as you

You can chat to them in your normal speaking voice without trying to soften your accent, slow down or annunciate certain words, but best of all they will smuggle you back all the best snacks from your home country.

3. The friend from a totally different place

You grew up on opposite sides of the world, but somehow you just get each other, you know?

4. The party friend

This girl came to Dubai for a good time, not a long time, so if there is a brunch/house party/coffee morning happening, she is down.

5. The runaway friend

She is super cagey about her life before Dubai, never goes home for a visit and rarely mentioned her fam. You have secretly wondered whether she is on the run or in the witness protection programme. 

6. The power couple friend

They moved to Dubai together and they come as a package. FYI, these two make a great surrogate mum and dad.

7. The friend who knows everyone

Yep, the city is small but this friend makes it feel like a village. You can’t hit the mall together without her stopping to chat to a million people she knows.

8. The friend who loves Dubai

They complain when they have to fly home once a year for the holidays and will never, ever leave.

9. The friend who 'hates' Dubai

They are always moaning about the weather/banks/taxis but yet, ten years on, they are still here.

10. The travel buddy

An impromptu diving weekend in the Musandam? How about a party jaunt to Beirut? Pack this friend with you on every adventure.

11. The shameless spender

“Debt? Pah! Anyway, it was on sale.”

12. The movie buff

The girl you can call on in the heat of the blistering summer to catch a movie in a cool, dark cinema in the middle of the day. Also makes a great box-set-binge bud.

13. The sun-worshipper

She has more bikinis than shoes.  

14. The born and bred friend

They remember Dubai when it looked like this: 

15. The workaholic

They came to Dubai with nothing and have since built their own mini empire using a combo of business savvy and hussle. 

16. And finally, the friend who has – how can we say this politely?  changed

Angrily yelling at taxi drivers? Check.

Complaining that their maid didn’t fold their towels properly? Check.

Throwing a strop when they have to wait 10 minutes for their mani appointment. Check.

Oh, and this girl is also late for EVERYTHING.  *Eye roll*