11 Dubai Firsts Every Expat Will Relate To…

*Nods head*
11 Dubai Firsts Every Expat Will Relate To…
By Aoife Stuart-Madge -

1. The first time you get a bikini wax and your therapist whips everything off before you can yell, ‘landing strip!’

2. Your first Dubai summer when you binge-watch every boxset on Netflix and develop mild agoraphobia.  

3. The first time you get a blow-dry from a Lebanese hairdresser and your hair never looked so bouncy. So. Much. Volume.

4. The first time you have to drop a visiting family member back to the airport and you wish everyone you love would just move to Dubai already.

5. The first time you realise you can get DVDs, Ravi’s and Masafi delivered straight to your door and you know you never have to leave your sofa again.

6. The first time your friends from home come to visit and you try to convince them you haven’t changed.

7. The first time you agree to follow a strange man up a dark alley in Karama on the promise of designer handbags, and you can’t hear the nagging doubt over the word ‘Chanel’ ringing in your ears.

8. The first time you watch the Dubai Fountains dance along to Whitney Houston and you feel all the emotions.

9. The first time you eat a cheese manakeesh after a big night and you discover your food spirit animal.

10. The first time you go to brunch in Dubai and you realise you’ve been doing it wrong all your life.

11. The first time you visit the tailor at Dream Girls and mistakenly think you are creative enough to ‘design’ your own dresses.