8 Beauty Products to Always Keep in Your Car

Make-up on the move....​
8 Beauty Products to Always Keep in Your Car
By Victoria Jowett -

We've all been there, you're running late and need to get ready on the go (aka every, single, morning.) Yep, our car has become the modern-day dressing table and thankfully it has Beyoncé tunes on tap. 

So, when it comes to doing make-up on the move, be sure your glove box is loaded with these eight beauty essentials. They'll make mobile glamming easy-peasy. (Just be sure to do your primping while the car is parked and not while your driving down SZR, got it?)

1. Plenty of hair bands

Your car has been parked in the sun ALL day, and now it feels like one hell of a sauna in there. What do you do? Dial up the air-con and grab a hair tie, because, lets be honest, there's nothing worse than having sweaty strands in your face on a hot day. Popbands are pretty AND practical, so when the weather starts to heat up, you can whip your locks into a two-second topknot. Now all you need is an ice coffee and life will be good again. 

2. A lip and cheek tint

Okay okay, when it comes to your bedroom, there's no escaping the clutter. But if you want to keep your car's console mess-free, save on space by investing in multi-tasking makeup. Our fave? Stila's Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour, the classic tint gives a flush of colour to both your pout and cheeks, so it ticks off lipstick and blusher in one go. Plus, the creamy formula makes it finger-friendly, so you can skip on the bulky brushes too. A tidy car = a tidy mind.

3. An A* concealer

There's a high chance that a pesky spot will crop up at the most inconvenient of times (like when you are driving over to your mate's house before a big night out). So make sure your in-car make-up bag is loaded with Benefit's Boi-Ing On The Double. It has two shades of high-coverage concealer, so you can custom-blend your very own shade. Clever, right? 

4. Blotting papers

Zap shiny skin in seconds by keeping blotting papers on tap. They absorb oil better than a cakey compact powder, plus they're totally mess-free and easy to swipe on whilst looking into your mini visor mirror. Who says a greasy face has to ruin your makeup game?

5. Mini mascara AND a liner brush

If you're driving off somewhere fancy, like a date with the other half, refresh your flutter with a few coats of mascara. Then, grab an eyeliner brush and dip it into the mascara so that you can draw on a quick feline flick. Just be careful not to smudge those perfect peepers when you start getting really into that rendition of Destiny's Child Independent Women later on. Carpool karaoke may be fun, but panda eyes are not.

6. Nail polish remover pot

Whether it's a last-minute dinner with friends, or a big work meeting, there's nothing worse than looking down at your nails on the steering wheel and noticing a ton of chips. Keep Bourjois' Magic Nail Polish Remover Pot, in your car for any mani-related emergencies. Simply dip your finger in the pot, twist around, and it'll make the polish (and chips) disappear instantly. Because no nail polish is better than messy nail polish. 

7. Mini dry shampoo

It's a tale as old time: you're en route to a night out but your hair is looking limp and lifeless. Can we purrr-lease get some volume up in here? Enter, dry shampoo. A mini can of Batiste will banish oily roots and keep your locks from falling flat in just one spritz (just remember to wind down the car window a bit, otherwise it'll get seriously dusty in there). 

8. Travel-friendly perfume

No matter where you're driving to - work, date-night, brunch with your bestie - there's no excuse not to smell ah-mazing. Tom Ford's Noir Point Roll On Perfume is travel-friendly thanks to the rollerball applicator, so you're guaranteed that it won't leak all over your car seats. Plus, its heavenly scent stays put and won't dominate your car's interior the way a spray might. Simply swipe over your pulse points and you are good to go.


Originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk