Dubai Residents! We Might Have Just Found The Solution To Your Car-less Woes

Turns out that renting a car is as easy as downloading an app...
Dubai Residents! We Might Have Just Found The Solution To Your Car-less Woes

We’ve all been there… the day, or week, that your car is in the garage, you will inevitably need it more than ever! So what do you do?

Borrowing a friend’s car? Far too much responsibility.

Renting for a week with a hire company? Too much paperwork.

Taxi it? Sure, that’s an option… until you’re stranded outside your office for an hour and a half at shift change on a Thursday evening. No thanks, we all have places to go, people!

Well, exactly this happened to me earlier this month

And I think I found a pretty perfect solution in the shape of ekar, an RTA licenced, on-demand car rental service.  

ekar dubai car rental cosmopolitan cosmo middle east

I simply downloaded an app and then uploaded a few documents – think Emirates ID, driving licence, a photo… the classics. Then the magic happened, within minutes I was able to locate a car close to me.

There are two options: ekars, which are charged by the minute, at Dhs0.50, making it Dhs30 per hour, and that comes with free fuel and free RTA parking. And then there’s the longer term ekar X, which starts at Dhs149 daily, and also comes with free fuel and free RTA parking.
Because I wanted it for a week, I went for an ekar X, and was happy to find an-almost-new and very clean Volkswagen Passat when I located it in the carpark opposite my work.

From then on, it was a breeze

I was driving in and out of work every day, and worked out that the Dhs799 weekly charge was less than my twice daily Ubers from Sports City to Media City, and that doesn’t take into account the RTA parking that I would have usually been paying and any extra journeys. I was particularly delighted when I pulled up to a petrol station, filled the tank and didn’t pay a penny. The novelty of that didn’t ware off.

ekar dubai cosmopolitan middle east cosmo rent a car rental

Actual footage of me leaving work in the ekar X (Giphy)

When my week with ekar X came to an end, I was expecting hassle, in the shape of hidden fees, and the like. But nope, I simply parked it up in an RTA space, left the keys securely in the glovebox and said goodbye to my VW Passat forever. 

Now, speak to any journalist and the sign of a truly good review is whether they have used a product or service again? Well, to date I have logged onto my ekar app four times to get me home from work, because there always seems to be a car around.

So, as long as you have data – and lets face it with the amount of WhatsApping, Instagramming and Tindering you’re all doing, you have data – you’ll be able to find an ekar yourself.

ekar cosmo cosmopolitan car rental on demand dubai middle east

Happy driving!

Visit for more information, or click here to read more about the ekar rates 

Note: Other RTA licenced on-demand rental services exist.