Jacqueline Fernandez: ‘I’d assure my 16-year-old self that life is about to get fabulous!’

Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez talks yoga, A-list inspiration and her beauty regime...
Jacqueline Fernandez: ‘I’d assure my 16-year-old self that life is about to get fabulous!’

Bollywood mega star Jacqueline Fernandez was in Dubai earlier this month, and while she was here, we made sure to catch up with her over a relaxed yoga session at beach club hotspot, El Chiringuito. Here, we chat to the Dishoom actress about everything from her dating advice to the A-list names she looks up to most... 

Do you come to Dubai a lot? What do you enjoy doing when you’re in town?

Having grown up in the Middle East, Dubai has always been one of my most favourite places in the world. I have experienced the hospitality of the city at places like the Taj Dubai or the unmatched unwind vibe at El Chiringuito (perfect for Instagram as well). They are both breathtaking properties and offer so much for a relaxed time out!

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What is your one piece of dating advice for Cosmo girls?

Don’t think too much, get out there and have fun! The right one is just around the corner.

Finish this sentence: The secret to happiness is… a life filled with great people, beautiful moments and a heart full of gratitude.

How do you stay healthy on the road?

I have always been a wellness ninja, no matter where I am I always try to keep my work outs and my diet in mind. Every day I find myself a little time where I do my yoga and my cardio. Besides that it’s all about eating a balanced meal. I fill my meals up with a lot of fresh fruits and salads and fresh juices! However, my everyday quick fix is always my bottle of Raw Pressery.  The smoothies and juices they make are filled with everything that is just right for your body or like they say it – It’s all good no bad.

Jacqueline Fernandez interview dubai

What do you do to switch off?

I love watching old classic movies, they take you back to a different time and are the always the best way to unwind and switch off.  But if I’m in the mood for something a little adventurous then I take off with friends for short holidays or midnight drives!

You travel a lot, what 5 things will be always find in your suitcase?

Hmm let’s see, first and foremost would be my sunglasses, protects the eyes plus the perfect cover for the one in way travel face days! Next on my list would be my sunscreen, its super essential and I never ever leave my house without it. Besides protecting my skin from the sun, it very important for me to keep myself hydrated and nourished at all times (flying seriously dehydrates) So I always carry my bottle of Raw presser. I keep switching between the AloeVera Lemonade, Valencia Orange and Life, and of course water! The next two things on the must have list are my body mist (keeps my skin hydrated) and my comfy pajamas!

Which is your favourite Raw Juice flavour?

There are so many! Every time they launch something new it becomes my new obsession. Currently I’m totally crushing on the new Aloe Lemonade. It’s perfect for a good post festive season detox and just makes your skin glow! Its super light and so delicious!

What are your live-by make-up tips?

Less chemical, more natural! Look for make-up that has ingredients that are naturally sourced so it’s gentle on your skin. I also ensure the makeup I use is not tested on animals. Plus, nothing is more beautiful than feeling good in your own skin, so keep the body hydrated to keep your natural glow on.

Jacqueline Fernandez interview dubai

Which actors do you look up to most in Hollywood and Bollywood?

In Hollywood it would be Angelina Jolie, the way she has carried herself in the past two decades and her work is commendable, I love her. Bollywood will have to be Shah Rukh [Khan]. I absolutely love him, even today every time I meet him it’s a fan girl moment for me. His charisma and charm is unmatched.

What advice do you have for young woman hoping to break into the movie industry?

Be honest and believe in yourself. Good things do happen, all it takes is a lot of hard work, positivity and a little bit of magic!

If you could go back and tell your 16-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

You are going to be a Bollywood star! Haha... No seriously, I don’t think when I was 16 I ever thought that this is how my life would turn out to be. So I guess I’d just assure myself that life is about to get fabulous!