Here’s How Much The 'Stranger Things' Cast Gets Paid Per Episode

Let's just say, it's a lot of money for a 13-year-old who's only buying Eggos
Here’s How Much The 'Stranger Things' Cast Gets Paid Per Episode
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By Anna Lewis -

Dunno about you, but when I was 13, I had a paper round that earned me a crispy ten pound note on a Friday and a bag of pickled onion Space Raiders if I was lucky.

So, I’m feeling a little hard done by after hearing the news that the cast of Stranger Things are on considerably more than I was at their age.

I mean, I get it - I wasn’t a massive Hollywood star like these guys, but still… it hurts, ya know.

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It’s been revealed that the young stars of the Netflix show – Finn Wolfhard (14), Millie Bobby Brown (13), Gaten Matarazzo (15), Noah Schnapp (13) and Caleb McLaughlin (16) – are earning $30,000 [Dhs110,000] each per episode according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And that’s not it. Apparently the gang were also given a "a less than six figure bonus" (whatever that means) once Netflix realised what a hit the show had become.

The cast are already signed up to appear on the show for six years, so they are going to be even more insanely rich once the show comes to an end. And as it becomes more and more popular, they’re likely to renegotiate their contracts too. In other words, they’ll be asking for more money.

And a source made a good point to The Hollywood Reporter. They said: “If the series has any luck at the Emmys, that will only intensify.”

So you’re telling me these teenagers will be earning a fair amount more than Dhs110,000-per-episode soon?

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Great. That’s just great…

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