Everything You Need To Know About Elnaz Golrokh

Taking the beauty world by storm, one make-up tutorial at a time, is this month's Cosmo cover girl, Elnaz
Everything You Need To Know About Elnaz Golrokh
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From holding a beauty masterclass in the middle of the ocean to being hand-picked by Charlotte Tilbury for a make-up tutorial, the talented Iranian influencer is making her mark on a global scale.

1. She wants to make you feel beautiful... 

“There is no set definition of beauty. I don’t think one standard applies to all. As an influencer my biggest intent is to teach people that every woman is beautiful in her own way. In my opinion, it is when you look at life in the most positive manner possible that beauty comes to the fore; Angelina Jolie is my idol in this respect. She has transformed from being physically beautiful to so much more. Beauty is not only about having a pretty face – it’s about having a beautiful heart, soul and mind. Being beautiful means being yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others; just accept yourself and be confident with who you are.”

2. She keeps it real... 

“In an age when being perfect is all the rage, it’s no wonder that women spend huge amounts of money on clothes and cosmetics to make themselves feel more attractive. It’s evident there is a lot of competition among women, which does breed its share of insecurity. I don’t believe in not advising women to do plastic surgery or experiment with Botox. But sometimes the best surgery is no surgery.”

3. Her personal style is pretty paired-back... 

“I like to wear light and natural make-up every day and stay away from liquid foundation, preferring to use just a compact powder, blush and mascara. Taking off your make-up is more important than putting it on, and a good skincare regime is essential to make your skin look and feel fabulous. I take mine very seriously. I use a rejuvenating mask twice a week and clean my face thoroughly to remove all make-up.”

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4. She knows that we all need something a little different... 

“While each person’s face is unique, there are certain beauty essentials that are specific to certain ethnicities. For Caucasians I would recommend splurging on a great brow pencil and mascara; Arabs and South Asians usually have large eyes, so false lashes and a great eyeliner would be wonderful enhancers; with beautiful full lips and sculpted faces, bright popping lipsticks along with a good contour and highlighter kit, are the perfect splurges for African features and skin.”

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5. Amazing make-up doesn't have to break the bank 

“With so many beauty brands on the market, it’s hard to make a choice sometimes. For girls on a budget I recommend Sephora, NYX and Urban Decay products. They’re well-priced and are great quality. Skincare products are worth splurging on. Spend as much as you can afford to on the right moisturiser, primer and foundation. You won’t regret it.”

6. She's a total gym bunny... 

“Staying fit is also extremely important. I always run for an hour every morning and workout again during the day between work commitments. That said, taking some time off and indulging is also a must. I love going to the cinema and gorging on popcorn to relax.”

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Interview: Kavita Srinivasan. Fashion Director: Lucy Wildman. Photographer: Ethan Mann. Make-Up: Inglot Cosmetics @inglotgcc. Hair: Lela Nikolic, Elisa Pattaro and Rushiel Bernabe at Rossano Ferretti Hairspa, Dubai @rfhairspauae. Location: Nikki Beach Dubai @nikkibeachdubai