The Sin Tax Has Landed In The UAE

Have you already felt the effects of the new prices of fizzy drinks and tobacco products?
The Sin Tax Has Landed In The UAE

If you tried to buy your usual fizzy drink in the UAE yesterday, it may have seemed as though the price had almost doubled over night. Well, actually, it did! 

As of October 1, a the UAE Excise Tax was introduced, targeting soft drinks, tobacco and energy drinks sales. The tax has seen the price of carbonated, sugary drinks increase by 50 percent, and a tax on energy drinks and tobacco products increase by 100 percent. 

Here are the increased in prices, according to the Khaleej Times:

  • Soft drinks, such as Coke and Pepsi, will go up from Dhs1.50 to Dhs2.25
  • Packs of cigarettes will double from around Dhs10 to Dhs20
  • Energy drinks, such as Red Bull, will go from Dhs5 to 10 per can to Dhs10 to 20 - heavily depending on the brand

Some of your other favourite drinks, like coconut water, have been left unaffected, but fuel prices are expect to hit a two-year high.