A UAE TV Channel Has Launched A Reality Show That Judges Brides On Their Cleaning Skills

Have we woken up in 1956?
A UAE TV Channel Has Launched A Reality Show That Judges Brides On Their Cleaning Skills

In news that may make you think you've gone back in time, an Arabic TV channel has announced a reality show that pits women against each other as they attempt to master essential female tasks, like "keeping a clean house and managing unruly children… de-feathering chickens and even milking a cow," according to Gulf News


The first episode of Mother-In-Law Bootcamp has already premiered on food channel, Fatafeat. The show sees 12 new brides compete in 'rigorous' tasks, all gearing them up to please their formidable mother-in-law, under the tutelage of three celebrity judges, and ‘chief mothers-in-law’, Sawsan Badr, Hala Sedky and Rania Youssef. 

 “The Mother-in-Law Bootcamp brings the highs and lows of domestic drama to reality television,” head of content at Discovery Networks Mena, Nahla Elmallawany, told Gulf News of the show. “Preparing for married life is a universal experience – whether you are the young bride trying to impress your future in-laws, or a mother who must give way to a new woman in your son’s life, it is something many of us will face in our lives.

“This show offers a fun and educational look into what can be one of the most stressful moments in a woman’s life,” Elmallawany added, “With added star power thanks to judges Hala Sedky, Rania Yousuf and Sawsan Badr, to ensure there is plenty of drama and entertainment along the way.”

The grand prize? "The house of their dreams," according to GN, which they'll be more than qualified to clean by the end of the series. Phew. 

If you do want to tune in, catch it at 10pm, Fridays on Fatafeat.