20 Poets You Need To Follow On Instagram

Poetry that will definitely give you all the feels
20 Poets You Need To Follow On Instagram
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By Nimra Adil -

We check our Instagram feed, more or less, a million times a day, checking out everything our best friend’s selfies, to the coolest artists and delicious desserts, with the odd cutie with a dog thrown in! However, there is an entire Instagram community of poets and writers who have beautiful profiles full of heart-aching and uplifting pieces of work that will leave you in awe.

Here are just a few of our favourites... 

1. Atticus Poetry

Atticus has a flair for writing poems that will resonate with the broken-hearted. Most of his work is about love and loss, and die-hard fans of his work have even had their favourites tattooed to themselves. 

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2. Tyler Knott Gregson 

He made his mark with his Typewriter Series which ranges from pieces about romance to human growth through pain. His feed also includes some of his photography which is equally as beautiful as his words.

3. Orenda 

The illustrations that accompany her poems are remarkable, the way they fit with the words will make you want to re-read them again and again. The perfect visual treat!

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4. R. M. Drake 

His work has garnered support from all over the world as he truly speaks to your soul. His words depict the picture of raw human emotion.

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5. K. Towne, Jr. 

If you want to read simple poems that are catchy, this is the account you should follow. He presents his work in black & white – his poems include pieces about those he’s loved and ones that might make you remember an old flame.

6. Make Blackout Poetry 

First of all, this feed is very aesthetically pleasing. Poems are created by blacking out the rest of the words on existing work such as novels or newspapers. The final pieces may even inspire you to create your own art the next time you read.

7. J. M. Storm 

Passionate prose that will make you relate on a multitude of levels. Presented simply in black and white, the depth of his pieces is prominent.

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8. Pavana 

Based in Los Angeles, she has her first book coming out soon – her work revolves around themes such as being a woman of colour, personal stories and heartache. Her words will stay with you long after you’re done scrolling through her feed.

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9. M. FireChild 

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this feed will satisfy all your unrequited hopes and dreams. Blue and pink crumpled paper is used as the backdrop for pieces that touch upon soulmates and related emotions. 

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10. Beau Taplin 

Based in Australia, this self-published author has a number of books out already. As her the bio states, ‘Read until your eyes are red’.

11. Nikita Gill 

Impactful poetry about loss, being strong and life in general – her words will speak to your soul. 

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12. Rupi Kaur

Her first book Milk and Honey was a worldwide success and the pieces that she has posted on Instagram from her second are equally as amazing. Her feed is full of work with illustrations that add to the experience. She focuses on healing and heartache, as well as the wide variety of issues women face.

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13. Michael V DarkLight 

Short poems to fill your feed. He takes simple words and intertwines them to create pieces about love and spirituality which can have light tones or bittersweet dark ones.

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14. Christopher Poindexter

Similar to Tyler Knott Gregson, Christopher posts his poems in typewriter format. Themes like human emotion, love, and self-growth are explored.

15. Lang Leav 

If you want poetry that is easy to digest, read her work. The theme is mostly romance.

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16. Quarter Life Poetry 

The perfect account to follow for your dose of relatable poems about failing at being an adult posted with cutesy illustrations. #Relatable.

17. Tony Ciampa 

If plain black and white poetry is not your thing, you have to follow this account. Tony mixes photography and poetry which is handwritten, resulting in an aesthetically beautiful feed.

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18. Sarah Doughty 

Inspired by her personal experiences, Sarah shares poetry that’s aimed at helping you realize that you are not alone in the struggle.

19. Brittin Oakman 

A mental health worker from Canada has an account full of poetry that will inspire you, help you heal and realise your inner strength.

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20. J. Bird 

The account uses a mix of black and white poetry and poetry presented on cut out pieces of paper with coloured backgrounds. The work revolves around themes of love, loss and life experiences.

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