The 50 Most Beautiful Starbucks Around the World

Naturally, there is one here in Dubai!
The 50 Most Beautiful Starbucks Around the World
By Danielle Tullo and Lyndsey Matthews -

There are a lot of insane and gorgeous Starbucks stores around the world. Some are even right here in the UAE and Kuwait. Consider this your Starbucks bucket list and try not to feel jealous the next time you stroll into your local store and there's not a rooftop. 

1. Bebek, Turkey 

No, this isn't a rooftop bar, it's a rooftop Starbucks. How jealous are you? The stunning views at this location make it necessary to add to your Starbucks bucket list immediately.  

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Located in the Flower Market in Amsterdam, this is Starbucks storefront goals. Inspired by the traditional Dutch flower shops in the area, the inside is filled with vintage flower vases. 

3. Casablanca, Morocco 

This store in Casablanca looks more like a spa than a Starbucks and it's super dreamy.

4. Chicago, Illinois 

All I want is to live right here, in this gorgeous Chicago Starbucks, whose benches are illustrated with the coffee chain's Siren. Located in a UNIQLO, this store has views of the city's Magnificent Mile. 

5. Prague Castle, Czech Republic 

Hello, this is the Starbucks at Prague Castle. A Starbucks castle! In addition to being in a castle, it also has a stone terrace where you can swoon over the view. 

6. Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

Blue walls and chandeliers? TBH, I wish my apartment looked like this. This Santa Cruz store is inspired by the country's natural wonder, the world's largest salt flat. 

7. Fuzhou, China 

A Starbucks Coffee graffiti wall - so. Much. Yes. This store is completely inspired the ancient Chinese board game, wei qi. 

8. Los Angeles, California 

Formerly a gas station at the corner of Highland and Willoughby in Los Angeles, this Starbucks location is now helping people fuel up for their day in a different way (hehe). 

9. Paris, France 

This Starbucks store near the centre of Paris looks a lot more like a set from Beauty and the Beast - I mean, come on. The store's structure dates back to the 17th century and is covered in flawless ceiling murals and motifs. 

10. Mexico City, Mexico 

Influenced by Californian style, this location is also inspired by the house it was originally in the 1930s. And, like most dreamy and Insta-worthy Starbucks, it has a rooftop. 

11. Willemstad, Curaçao

This is what a Starbucks in the Caribbean looks like. Cue the jealousy, beacuse it has a 360-degree view of the beach and the plenty of palm trees. 

12. Kadıköy, Turkey 

Rooftop goals! At this Starbucks in Istanbul, you'll have views of ferry buildings and boats. 

13. Cinelândia, Rio de Janeiro 

This Starbucks, which originally opened as a movie theater in 1926, is located in downtown Rio de Janeiro's Cinelândia Square. The windows, the chairs - I don't know what I want to Insta-story first.

14. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Take out your phone at the sight of this Starbucks and leave it out because the inside is just as gorgeous. It's two stories and has a cobblestone walkway leading up to it. 

15. Ketchum, Idaho 

This Starbucks in Idaho has a separate meeting room that was formerly a bank vault. The outside is cool AF and the inside features historic photos throughout. 

16. Seattle, Washington

Located in the Pike Place Market, this is the first-ever Starbucks. Just look at that signage! How badly do you want to Instagram that? 

17. Mexico City, Mexico 

This store in Mexico City features a garden patio located in the Bosque de Chapultepec, the largest park in Latin America. It even has traditional Mayan hammocks to Instagram lie on. 

18. Hanoi, Vietnam 

Why you should drop everything and go to this store inside the LanVien Hotel immediately: The art on the walls is of latte art and there are some serious floor goals going on. 

19. Paris, France

Located on the Avenue L'Opéra, this Starbucks entryway is probably nicer than any entryway I'll ever live in. And inside is just as glamorous, with velvet curtains and chandeliers. 

20. Chengdu, China 

This unique Starbucks comprises two free-standing buildings boasting scenic river views. All of the yes to drinking (and photographing) your iced green tea while looking at the river.

21. Copenhagen, Denmark  

Located in the city's historic central train station, this Starbucks has stunning architectural details that's remained untouched. The floors! The wooden arches! So. Perfect. 

22. Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Thailand 

Yes, that is latte-art art (again) on the wall. No, you are not dreaming. This store features an entire art installation composed of locally sourced bamboo baskets that are painted with latte art. 

23. Anaheim, California 

The outdoor patio of this Starbucks in Downtown Disney is completely inspired by trees and plants. It uses reclaimed wood siding and has a green wall with more than 1,000 native plants in the shape of a coffee cup. Perfect Boomerang moment? I think so. 

24. Switzerland 

This is not just a train with a Starbucks advertisement on it - this train is a Starbucks and it runs from Geneva to St.Gallen in Switzerland. 

25. Long Beach, California 

With dreamy biege and blues, this store in downtown Long Beach is nautical AF. Bonus: another great Siren mural to swoon over. 

26. Dulles, Virginia 

Should you ever find yourself in Washington Dulles Airport, I highly recommend going to the Starbucks and taking a picture of your coffee in front of its famous wall covered in vintage suitcases. 

27. London, England 

-Views-. This Starbucks store is described by the coffee chain as a ''window into the world of coffee.'' Lots of opportunities to do a coffee-in-the-air picture here, folks. 

28. New Orleans, Louisiana 

On Canal Street, you'll find this Starbucks store, which is inspired by NOLA's rich history and culture. You'll also see musical instrument light fixtures that practically scream, ''Snap a pic!'' 

29. Montreal, Canada 

Formerly a 1,000-seat movie venue that opened in 1929, this Starbucks store drew inspiration from its location and takes on a ''coffee theater'' concept. Inside, customers are welcomed with soft seats and green velvet curtains that frame the coffee bar as a -center stage-. 

30. Fairfax, Virginia 

This Starbucks is on George Mason University's campus, which is partly why it uses books as hanging light fixtures. Major Harry Potter vibes.

31. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Not only is this a Starbucks, this is a Starbucks inside a mall. Have you ever seen such a beautiful mall? You'll find this store in the Ibn Battuta Mall. 

32. Chicago, Illinois

This Wrigleyville store features 68-foot-long curving beams that start at the top of the front doors and go through the entire store - plus a giant mural called ''Coffee People.''

33. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Nope, this isn't a museum - it's just a a beautiful Starbucks in the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Are you envisioning photographing your drink in the air with that geometric art in the background? Because same. 

34. Miami, Florida 

Located in the heart of Miami on Collins Street, this store has a dreamy Starbucks Siren mural that practically yells, ''Instagram me.'' 

35. Utrecht, Netherlands 

This Starbucks has rustic-meets-chic vibes with its wooden tables and modern chairs. Don't miss the beautiful flowers you'll find throughout the store.

36. Savannah, Georgia

Known as the ''Forest City,'' this Starbucks store in Savannah has the most incredible details. Case in point: the picture backdrop moss-draped tree branches hanging from the cieling. 

37. Kyoto, Japan 

This 3,000-square-foot store in Japan is equipped with gardens in the front, back, and center. It's also outfitted with stone water basins, and even moss and trees. 

38. Austin, Texas 

Inspired by what's considered the Live Music Capital of the World, this Austin store has details that will totally get you. Like the speaker paneling, microphone chandeliers, and spotlight lighting. 

39. Chicago, Illionois 

Sleekest. Starbucks. Ever. This store is inspired by the art deco architecture of the city's 333 North Michigan Ave. skyscraper - it has a bar made of steel and a recurring golden rectangle motif. 

40. London, United Kingdom 

This probably looks like something on your Pinterest board called #HouseGoals, but it's just the Starbucks in London's West End. A coffee picture right in front of that gallery wall = everything. 

41. Seattle, Washington

This is the Starbucks stores of all Starbuck stores. Located just nine blocks from the OG Starbucks store in Pike Place Market, this Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is a bucket-list item for any true Starbucks lover.

42. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

A flower wall! Not made of real flowers but instead a beautiful mural of a flower. This Amsterdam store is ready for -all- of the photos. 

43. Chicago, Illinois 

This store, located, in a former restaurant and bar, features a skylight, pub furniture, and vintage floor tile that'll make you want to snap photos. 

44. Puebla, Mexico 

This Starbucks has a handmade Talavera ceramic-tile mosaic that will fulfill all your -drink in the air- requirements. It's also beautiful enough as a standalone Instagram post. 

45. New York, New York 

Located at Penn Station in New York City, this Starbucks store has illuminated train tracks running along the ceiling. 

46. Seoul, South Korea 

This Famille Park Starbucks resembles art more than a store. With it's glass ceiling - which calls for good lighting - it's perfectly Insta-worthy. 

47. Los Angeles, California 

Located near Griffith Observatory, this Starbucks has a large mural of the Starbucks Siren in the night sky. She's surrounded by animals found in famous constellations. Mural goals. 

48. New Delhi, India 

This New Delhi location incorporates wood and simple materials, inspired by the local craft of weaving. Look at those tables! 

49. Guangzhou, China 

This Starbucks is a whopping three stories. The first floor is dedicated to coffee, the second floor has spaces to relax, and the third floor is reserved for seminars. 

50. Dunwoody, Georgia

Is there any better prop than a cozy, dreamy chimney? When you're looking at this location from down the road, you'll see a century-old chimney with the chain's iconic Siren attached to it, all lit up. 

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